Winter Night Snorkeling Trip – Behind The Camera

How to Find Cheap White Water Rafting Trips in a Good Way

If you are thinking about the best adventure, it is important for you to consider about white water rafting for your needs. This idea is really great since this activity is able to produce the best feeling of enjoyment so you can make it functional for you. In this case, it is important for you to find some trips that will be great for your needs. To help you in gaining more information, it is better for you to check…

Wildlife Tour To Kerala

A wealth of wilderness experiences awaits the wildlife enthusiasts across the state of Kerala. Enhanced by its dynamic vegetation and climatic conditions the astonishing bio – diversity of the forests supports a wide range of animals and birds.

Things You Need to Look Out for When Buying a Houseboat

Houseboats have the same functions as a home or a hotel on water. They are ideal for luxury living as they come with a range of amenities that can make your holiday on water a memorable one. We will give you all the necessary tips on what to look for when purchasing a houseboat for you and your family’s water holiday – small things that can really make a difference to how your experience will be. You can use these pointers to enhance your houseboat experience, whether you are using it for a relaxing holiday, for fishing or for a houseboat party.

Temecula, California – Your Destination For A Great Wine Country Experience

Beautiful rolling hills of vineyards, great wine and food and a never-ending series of events to attend, from high-end car shows to jazz and balloon festivals. The question now has become, “Are you looking in the right area?” Napa Valley and Sonoma County seems to get a lot of press, but if that’s all you’re think of of when you think of California’s Wine Country, you would be missing California’s little gem. There is a little place in Southern California we would like you to discover.

Discover the Shetland Islands

The Shetland islands lie to the far north of Scotland, past John O’ Groats and the Orkney islands, almost halfway to the Faroe islands. Yet, despite their northern latitude, the climate in this far flung island group is surprisingly benign; it rarely gets too cold and unfortunately, never overly hot either. It has been said that Shetland doesn’t have a climate – just weather. Often you can experience weather typical of all four seasons in one single day. But perhaps that simply adds to the charm that is Shetland.

Safari Holidays in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is not only South Africa’s largest and most impressive city. It’s also the gateway to incredible experiences on safari.

Discovering Shetland Islands Tourism

Discover Shetland islands tourism opportunities for yourself this year. You will be in fine company, for more and more people are heading north to discover that Shetland today is not a forgotten island group locked in its own past, but a dynamic gem where the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. This land of untouched landscapes and spectacular coastal scenery has more uninhabited islands than inhabited islands. Only 15 of the 100 or so isles have people on them, but those 15 islands have a world of diversity. Each is unique and different from the rest, but all are distinctly Shetland.

Discover the Temagami Region of Ontario by Dog Team

The Temagami region of Ontario is one of the province’s best kept secrets. Blessed with over a million acres of crystal clear lakes and countless ancient canoe routes, the Temagami wilderness offers the very best of the Canadian Shield topography. Deep boreal forests and impressive glacial stone are the main features of the landscape and are home to multitudes of plant and animal species.

Adventure Travel – Polar Vacation Adventure at Antarctica

Antarctica is cold, wild, frozen, bleak, hostile and far-flung continent. There are many rumors about Deception Island, sea-cruises and wildlife. Very few are so daring and brave to explore the wilderness of the Antarctica.

Adventure and Safari Holidays

When most people think of holidays they think of lying on a crowded beach or reading a good book by the pool and thinking about what restaurant to dine at later. For some people that certainly isn’t the case, many people really want to do something different during a break away and thanks to numerous companies they now can.

Enjoy a Date With the Alps at Mt Pilatus

Now picture this – climbing across the rocky mountain in Switzerland on a Cogwheel, with loveliest brown Swiss cows flaunting the famous Swiss cow bells, magnificent green slopes and huge hill tops that stretch till the blue skies, in the backdrop. Well, all that is possible while visiting Mount Pilatus near Lucerne, a north-central city in Switzerland.

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