Winter Night Free Dive Spearfishing in a River – 2 Spots, 2 Fish

Relaxing Puerto Morelos Mexico

If you are looking for a more low-key place at Mexico’s famous Yucatan Peninsula, Puerto Morelos may the perfect spot. Located 20 kilometers south of Cancun, the fishing village has been establishing itself as a relaxing beach resort.

A Wonderful Balloon Ride Over Letchworth State Park

Adorned with majestic towering cliffs and surrounded by luscious forests, Letchworth State Park is one of the prized natural attractions of the US state of New York. Because of its very scenic topography, the park is often regarded as the “Grand Canyon of the East”.

The Mexican Thrill – Part I

Summarizing all my adventures and experiences you can put it simply like this: from my point of view this journey was considered a mixture of spontaneous travel plans, a shoestring budget and a humorous and gifted company consisting of some clever ideas and a few crisis-based solutions which needed to be implemented during the trip. Besides, there was the indispensable variety of a stunning environment, numerous courteous natives and lots of historical treasures that had to be discovered that time.

What Makes a Disney Wristband More Magical Than a Glittering Wand?

When the best of technology and magic comes together, everything changes forever. Perhaps the same is true to what the Walt Disney World Orlando has to offer. In the name of its so-called billion dollar Next-Gen initiative, it seems the company is all excited about its most anticipated future.

Canoeing on the Shannon River, Ireland

Are you looking for a good destination for a canoeing holiday? Why not try the lovely Shannon river.

Pack Right to Enjoy a Great Trip

Traveling, chiefly air travel has become quite complex now in the times of uncertain international security. Traveling light is always advisable as that aids in avoiding unnecessary delay, helping to reach the destination on time. You need to handle packing with skill and efficiency.

Adventure Travel in Portugal

Portugal is a fantastic country for an adventure in the great outdoors. Here are some of the options you have in this varied and interesting country.

Cycling Tour – What Makes It Exceptional

Cycling tours serve as an ideal travelling option for the ones who want to enjoy an adventurous vacation. It helps the traveller to gain a different perspective about a place.

The Avatar Land That Disney Promises

Expected to open in the year 2017, the Avatar Land is undoubtedly among the most anticipated theme park initiatives that Disney World Orlando has to offer. Whether it’s the magnificent floating mountains or the interactive bioluminescent forest, the soaring banshees or the glorifying hues of blue, the Avatar Land once completed is sure to change the way we see Animal Kingdom Park today. And as the dream world of the Navis is taking shape out there (right in the middle of the world’s most fascinating wilds), there is only one thing that comes to our mind – Blue Is the…

The Ancient Sri Lanka City of Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa stands today as one of the most important ancient cities of Sri Lanka. It served as the second capital of the country after the fall of Anuradhapura in 993.

Cycling on Cyprus

A discussion of cycling on Cyprus. This country is perfect for an outward bound adventure on your bike or on foot.

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