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Top Adventure Travel Companies In The World

Here are few best adventure travel organizations that provide a discriminating and interesting range of adventurous traveling plans. Hiking the Inca Trail, biking in Morocco and rafting through Grand Canyon are simply the shortest sample of experiences these organizations could provide customers. All their sites list specific adventurous trips, with elaborated travel plans, cost and pictures.

Explore Beautiful Patagonia – Exotic Travel Destination

Looking for off the beaten path adventure? Then Patagonia may be just right for you.

Check Out Lake Arenal – The Ultimate Travel Destination

Looking for tropical rain forests, live volcano, stunning waterfalls, and exotic fishing? Look no further!

Lanzarote Holidays: Don’t Miss the National Park of Timanfaya

An abundance of great flights are bringing lots of families to the Canary Islands this winter season. Lanzarote holidays are particularly great for people of all ages. Many tourists choose to spend their time on the island relaxing at seaside resorts, but it’s important not to miss the Martian landscape of The National Park of Timanfaya.

A Fascinating Look at Labrador

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador consist of two parts – the island section of Newfoundland and the mainland of Labrador. Labrador is a vast land. Discover 25 fascinating facts about this “Big Land.”

Ecuador in 2 Weeks

The train journey was the one called the Devil´s Nose. This is due to the switchback tracks through a narrow canyon in the Andes. People clamber up on top of the train so they can see the whole world as they travel along. It stopped twice on the 2 hour journey we did take.

Excitement And Adventure: Scuba Diving In Cozumel

Located just 12 miles off of the Yucatan peninsula, Cozumel is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island. It is a popular destination for college students on spring break as well as being one of the busiest ports of call for cruise ships. People come to Cozumel for the pristine white beaches, the crystal clear water, and to enjoy some of the best scuba diving in the world.

Adventures in Peru

Hurricanes can be destructive, obtrusive, and incredibly intimidating. But for us there was no stopping us from exploring the beautiful country of Peru in early October 2009. Not even in the wake of a hurricane.

Recreational Vehicles – From Covered Wagons To Motor Homes

In those days the travel by wheeled vehicle while certainly an adventure was more likely to be just a method of reaching a new home in some promised land. In the United States on the other hand wagon travel was a necessity and once the pioneer family reached it’s destination they were only too glad to shun the wagon for a permanent structure. It is difficult to believe that these early wheeled home builders could began to imagine what the modern motor home or travel trailer has become.

Adventure Holiday Companies – Booking and Preparing for Your Trip

A safe, fun and memorable adventure holiday is becoming an increasingly popular way to spend vacation these days and the possibilities are endless. You can undertake the adventure on a solo journey, bring your spouse along or even take the whole family. Almost all adventures you could think of are available in some form or another, such options can include sailing a small yacht across the Mediterranean sea, riding ATV’s through Kakadu National Park in the Australian outback, renting a deserted island from local indigenous people off the coast of Panama or hiking to the Lost City in the jungles…

Exploring Antarctica, The Frozen Shores

Neko Harbor on the Antarctic continent is a magnificent place. At the base of the harbor are several gigantic glaciers. Pressure, from the weight of all the ice, is released here. Huge thunderous cracking sounds can be heard, as 500 foot walls of ice break off and plunge into the sea. People look like ants, or penguins, as they stand at the foot of the ice wall.

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