wake up and snorkel!

Supporting Whale Conservation Efforts Worldwide

Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas is an amazing and unforgettable experience. After being hunted for centuries, whales nowadays still are threatened by human activity. By making the public aware of these threats and what each individual can do to support whale conservation, we move closer to their protection end increase in population size.

Adventure Excursions In The Himalayas

If you believe that the people who head to the far north of India, as well as Nepal and Tibet, only do so to scale eight thousand meter peaks you would be wrong. There are in fact a huge range of activities that can be enjoyed in the regions in which the Himalayas are found. If you are a real outdoor enthusiast, you will not be left short of things to do regardless of how long you spend here.

Unique Outdoor Learning Adventures – Grand Experiences of the Grand River

The “grand-experience” of the Grand River valley… is a different experience. It combines the fun of learning with paddling, hiking and trying. An adventure not forgotten.

Fun Facts About Australia Worth Enjoying

In many ways, Australia is a funny country. Its history greatly contrasts with the present. Its geography is very strange, with almost every kind of terrain and its people are white which always puzzled me since it is so far away from Europe or the US!

Explore Rural Cornwall by Travelling the Saints’ Way Trail

Exploring the Cornish countryside is sure to be a great way to experience all that this amazing county has to offer. By taking the historic Saints’ Way Trail, you’ll not only able to see some beautiful landmarks, but also have the chance to spend time in pretty rural towns and villages.

Fun Festive Activities for Days Out in the Capital

A family day out in London is fun at any time of year, but if you’re hoping for an action-packed festive trip, you’ll find there is nowhere better for it than the capital. From Christmas markets to meeting reindeer, there is something for all the family.

Top 7 Tips for an Adventurous Malaysia Trip

Malaysia is a paradise for many tourists. It is a place which offers endless adventure and opportunities to its visitors. That is why many do not hesitate to buy that air ticket to Malaysia and enjoy.

An Adventure Around Costa Rica’s Wonders

The wonders of Costa Rica are endless; ranging from the famous canals of Tortuguero to the enchanting wildlife that flourishes throughout the country. In 14 spectacular days and 13 unforgettable nights, it is possible to fully experience all of these wonders.

Summer Skiing in Chile

Most often, when people think of getting away to South America. They think about taking in some beautiful seaside environs or some of the spectacular jungles during the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere.

5 Essential Gap Year Travel Gadgets!

It’s about that time of year again when you’re slaving away in a poorly paid job dreaming of your impending travels. Whether it’s pulling pints, waitering or you’re preparing for the Christmas rush in retail; your minds are increasingly thinking about those exotic places and all those activities you’ve only ever dreamed of doing.

Booming Ice Hotels – That’s Snow Business

Since 1990, ice hotels have been popping up all over the globe, consequently becoming a popular alternative to the cliched summer holiday. These remarkable structures invite guests to join their ultra cool world of snow and ice.

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