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The New Forest – Where You Get Closest To Nature

The New Forest is one of the few places in England which provides you a perfect getaway from the stress and routine life besides bringing you close to Nature. This place has a lot to offer for every age group and people with varied interests. The area offers a rich heritage of historical and geographical features that tempts a large number of visitors every year for routine vacations. This unique area is blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty with fresh air and lush open spaces which allures a number of visitors to explore this great destination.

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Burney Falls doesn’t conform to standard waterfall protocol – you know, river flows downhill, reaches cliff, tumbles off. Walk along Upper Burney Creek above the cataract and you won’t see a thing, just a dry riverbed.

Why Visit Goa? What Is Goa Famous for?

Holiday is the only option left with people of this contemporary world to spend some time with dear ones. So, run for the place which offers you every possible opportunity to live your life utmost.

Les Deux Alpes – Awesome Activities for Alpine Adventurers

From touch down at Grenoble Airport, transfers by mini-coach to Les Deux Alpes transport you to this enormous outdoor activity centre in just over an hour – ready for the fun to begin! Set amongst Europe’s largest glaciers and breathtakingly beautiful mountains in the Oisans region of France – this is the perfect place to enjoy every outdoor activity you can think of.

The World’s Greatest Sea Beach – Cox’s Bazar

When you hear of the sea you probably think of spending days out under the sun lying on the sand in the name of sunbathing.You may have been to a sea resort and found the place nice. You likely told all your friends about it, giving them the urge to witness the place themselves. Many of us dream of holidays in places we don’t know the first thing about. In fact, when asked, we may just go ahead and describe a number of wonderful features we all hope to see there. We envision the vivid picture but no actual site planned on. Have you ever thought of the world’s greatest sea beach? Well, this is not just a feature or location, as we may have seen in our geography classes.

The Natural Beauty Of Bangladesh: One Of The Best Tourist Sites In The World

Talking of wonderful eye-catching sites let us take a trip to the North Eastern part of south Asia and land safely in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet: Bangladesh. The country is surrounded by some of the most prominent geographical features studied worldwide. To the north of Bangladesh are the famous Himalayas while the bay of the Bengal borders her from the South. To her East is the hilly region of Tripura, India and Myanmar. Finally to her West lies the west Bengal. Together these features form a low lying plain in between that is the country in their midst; Bangladesh…

The Famous Spring Break Party

Spring Break in the Bahamas is all about fun and adventure. During the day, people spend time on the beach, in the water, shopping, exploring, sightseeing, and so on but then at night, the real action begins – the spring break party. Although there are many different party destinations such as Cancun, Ocho Rios, South Padre Island, and Cabo San Lucas, nothing beats the Bahamas.

Wine and Dine With Pleasure During Your Isle of Wight Holidays

You will never spend a single day of boredom during your Isle of Wight holidays because of the day and night time happenings you can do. Booking in advance one of the Isle of Wight holiday cottages would ascertain that you can sleep soundly in comfortable, clean and luxurious bedding.

Three Alternative Safari Destinations

The safari, it is a unique type of holiday that leaves every person speechless. Being able to observe the rarest animals in a wall free, wild habitat is one of life’s privileges; no wonder it’s been such a popular holiday choice for so many years. When many think of the word safari, they immediately think of Africa, but the world offers so much more. Here are the top three alternative Safari destinations.

Alternative Sports Down Under

Australia is a revered destination for many tourists; some simply want to visit, exploring the cultures and traditions of a foreign land. In recent years the country has become a hotspot for extreme or alternative sports you wouldn’t have a chance doing in most places around the world. Here are just a few sports you could get stuck into during your trip to Australia.

Learn Tswana! Before Your Botswana Safari!

If you are heading on a Botswana safari, or are just interested in learning several phrases in less-known languages, then Tswana or Setswana, a Southern African language spoken by over 4 million people, is one to look into. It is the official language of Botswana, but is also spoken in wider Southern Africa and, in terms of first languages, is the sixth most common in South Africa.

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