Please, Don’t Pet the Polar Bears

Have you ever seen a polar bear in the wild? In Alaska, they roam the wilderness and are beautiful creatures from a distance. They become much more frightening if you get anywhere close to them because they very well might be the last thing you ever see.

Top Tips on How to Find Gap Year Jobs and Volunteering Abroad

There are an incredible amount of opportunities available via many reputable companies, many of which can be found online. You will also find it useful to use online gap year directories dedicated to pointing prospective gap year candidates in the right direction.

Uluru in the Rain

Okay I have a real treat for you all! Most longtime residents of Central Australia know that the sight of rain on the rock is a rare phenomenon. Some say less than 1% of visitors ever get to see it in the rain!!! Many wait years and never get to see it. I am a photographer and I was there during a rain storm in August.

The High Quality David Clark Headsets

David Clark Headsets offer top quality headsets that are essential for all types of jobs that involve heavy equipment, important communication, and people’s lives. Having a good quality headset is essential, especially when people’s lives are at stake. When it comes to rescue missions on water, especially in the water, proper headsets are essential to having a successful mission. Usually, what happens is when a boat is in distress they notify the base, from there they wait for either a helicopter or a boat rescue to come and save them. The process is long and painstaking, and in many cases the people on the boat cannot give the proper coordinates, or drift from their location by the time the rescue comes. So it is very important that the communication is good between the ground and boat rescue as well as with the base.

The Great Wildebeest Migration

Africa is a land of beauty: what with the vast landscape and wilderness full of the most spectacular wildlife collection; a serene atmosphere, cool climate; and the African sun setting in the backdrop of some of the most majestic hills and valleys. But probably the most famous of all attraction has to be the great wildebeest migration. A journey so amazing that its worth the title of one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Wildlife in Panama: Magnificent Frigate Bird

A tropical island setting, the traditional black cloak and red scarf attire, rowdy colonies and seized treasure… perhaps the pirate tales of old aren’t as fictionalized as we thought. After studying the magnificent pirates of Isla Palenque, I’m wondering where Disney came up with Captain Jack Sparrow, shouldn’t it be Captain Jack Frigate?

A Trekking Holiday As Your Next Vacation

If your thinking about your next vacation and looking for an alternative idea then a trekking holiday may be of interest. This article discusses some of the reasons for choosing a trekking holiday and how there are packages and ideas to excite and fulfill most interests.

Self Guided Bike Tour

Self guided bike tours are a great way to do a bike tour in a foreign country. It takes a certain spirit of adventure to attempt a self guided bike tour, but many bike riders already have this kind of confidence and adventuresome spirit. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bike tour versus one that is guided?

Overseas Volunteering for the Over 50s

Typically, the over 50s, have, over the years, acquired many interpersonal skills, which can comes in very useful on projects. From helping with planning, fund-raising, running projects, but even if you have reached 50+ as a hermit, if you can speak English, and we’re only talking basic conversational English here, you are going to be in high demand, as English seems to be the difference in getting a good job or just making ends meet…

Iceland Tourism and Famous Places to Visit in Iceland

Iceland is a wonderful place with diversity all around. This land is full of volcanoes, lakes and glaciers. It is really amazing to watch green appearing lakes in Iceland that can win any heart.

Namibia Food – Namibia Safari: What Will You Eat?

In restaurants, steak and chips is nearly always the order of choice by Namibians and can easily be called the national dish. For the adventurous food connoisseur, venture beyond the restaurants and eat at the local markets. The local markets provide the traveler with the chance to taste many of the local foods being consumed in the villages.

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