Turtle land!

Destination: Door County

It’s time for a little vacation from work and writing. No cell phones, no computers, no deadlines.

A Short Break in Libya

This article details a short trip to Tripoli and Leptis Magna in Libya, during the first days of the Arab Spring. Libya appeared to be making its first tentative steps towards opening up to mass tourism but then everything changed.

The Worlds Worst Public Toilets

We all get caught short at times. If you are travelling in Africa or on the Indian sub continent then you might get caught short quite often. We have all heard horror stories of travellers having to go into plastic bags in front of gawping locals when the bus driver refused to pull over. We have all walked into cubicles and then walked right out again.

The World’s Most Underrated Travel Destinations

While popular tourist magnets, such as Australia or New Zealand, excel at self promotion, other equally deserving destinations fare less well in the image stakes; they may be a little of the beaten track, have suffered from poor leadership, or simply have failed to sufficiently promote their own attractions. Nevertheless, some of these less appreciated destinations have far more to offer curious independent travellers, than their more adeptly promoted rivals.

To Camels From Cows: Algeria Overland

This article details a short trip to Annaba, Constantine and El-Oued in Algeria at the end of April 2009. Algeria has effectively been out of bounds for independent travel for over two decades but it is now beginning to open up again.

The Next Big Backpacking Destinations

Backpackers have traditionally been at the vanguard of tourism. The more adventurous budget travellers will often go to the sort of places that remain untouched by posh resorts and package deals. Their curiosity will often take precedence over comfort, cleanliness or caution. To put it bluntly, they’re nosey.

Captivating, Alluring Angkor Wat

Charming yet confounding. This is how Lonely Planet describes the Kingdom of Cambodia in their guide books. But from touch down in Siem Reap’s picturesque International Airport thru the short 7-kilometer taxi ride to a fantastic yet inexpensive hotel, my family and I (yes, this was a family trip) met with much of the charming, and none of the confounding.

How to Find and Select The Best RV Parks for Your Trip

Millions of people love to travel in the RV they own or have rented… and see America. The sights are wonderful… the people you meet are great – the experience is memorable. It lasts a lifetime, but before you leave for your trip it is important to choose your RV parks.

Looking At Why Canoeing Has Become So Popular

With so many ideal rivers throughout the country, you are never really that far away when it comes to hiring a canoe and heading off on your travels or simply just finding something to do for a few hours. There is no doubt that if you get a nice summer’s day and a group of your friends and family together, hiring a few canoes and setting off is a great way to spend time with other people, enjoying a popular hobby and also learning about the places you are travelling through.

Bike Tours in Europe

If you want to see Europe there is no greater way to see it than on two wheels. You experience the sights and sounds of European culture in a way that could only be outdone by walking. You will encounter great art and architecture. You will pedal through quaint villages and squares, filled with small shops. You will get a great education in history visiting monuments and souvenirs from a long past of Celts, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Popes, Cardinals, Kings, and Emperors. And you will be able to sample great food and drink, eating all you want as you pedal away the calories.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Subsistence Hunting?

The term ‘hunting’ conjures up negative images in most peoples minds, however, it’s important to remember that it is a very broad term and one that can be interpreted in different ways. Whilst it is incredibly difficult to condone killing any creature, in some cases there are justifiable reasons for the practice. Here, we briefly look at the difference between subsistence and commercial hunting.

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