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Adventures of a 4×4 – My Visit to the North Cyprus Herbarium

Mediterranean islands have a hold on me. It’s an attraction rooted in the ruggedness of the countryside I think. It offers me a sense of frontier-style isolation, even though civilization is often just a stone’s throw away. My visit to North Cyprus and its Herbarium was a memorable adventure for that – and other reasons.

General Information About Trekking in Nepal

In a country like Nepal where there is a rich variation of culture and customs closely assimilated and related with the geographical location of the people, trekkers are in for the rare occasion of exploring the nature’s finest places on the earth and at the same time observing unique traditions of the natives. With Mount Everest/ Khumbu Langtang and Mount Annapurna standing stoically in the Himalayan range, Nepal has to offer what adventure lovers would call the dream destination for trekking. Abundant with hills and mountains, trekkers have plenty of options while trekking in this part of the world.

Taking a Family Holiday In Kenya

Kenya is an ideal location for those who wish to go on holiday or vacation together with their families. There are numerous locations for a family’s get away-the parents and their children of any age. Most destinations in the country appeal to both the locals as well as the foreign tourists.

Things To Know About Everest Base Camp

Located at an altitude of 5,362 meters (17,591 ft), Everest Base Camp in Nepal is ranked as one of the best adventurous spots in the Himalayas. Also known as the South Base Camp, trekkers take days of rest and sufficient time to get used to the high altitude and the low pressure environs.The nature explorers are to acclimatize their body to journey further above or below while devouring the senses into the spectacular view of the highest peak on the earth.

The Best Holidays for Thrill Seekers

A short list of some of the best holiday activities for those looking for a bit of excitement on their next getaway. Calling all thrill seekers!

9 Reasons to Travel the World

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Escape the Tourist Crowds and Head for the South West Coast of the Dominican Republic

If you love the idea of glorious Caribbean beaches without the large tourist crowds and without a hefty price to pay you can head to some of the Dominican Republic’s less commercialised and totally unspoilt regions to enjoy secluded pristine beaches and to truly get to know the real Dominican Republic, away from tourist resorts and large crowds. By venturing into some of the Dominican’s less well known areas you will not only get to know the real Dominican Republic and interact with the locals, but also your accommodation will turn out cheaper than you probably anticipated. For the most authentic experiences during Dominican Republic holidays here we give you a list of the top “off the beaten path” places not to miss.

Piracy on the Sea of Cortez

A woman is invited to experience life aboard a Mexican co-op fishing trawler in search of shrimp. She has a brief experience of the darker side, and escapes harm herself by sheer luck. Shrimp are as valuable as gold, and often the fishermen are the victims of piracy on the open sea.

The Parque Nacional del Este In the Dominican Republic

The Parque Nacional del Este in the Dominican Republic is one of those places so extraordinary it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn more about this nature and culture park and the best Punta Cana excursion to take to explore it.

Experience Breathtaking Beauty on the Great Ocean Road

If you are in Australia and looking for breathtaking beauty and the chance to spot native Australian wildlife, then look no further than the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road follows the coastline of the Southern Ocean and goes from Geelong to Portland.

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness When You Are Trekking at High Altitude

Do not fall into the trap to push on too hard and too fast on your high altitude trek or climbing. Be cautious before you book your trek, maybe you are promised a lower price or doing the trek a few days shorter than normal. It can ruin your vacation or even worse.

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