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10 Toughest Mountains to Climb

This article is about the toughest mountains of the world. If you love mountaineering then this article will inform you about the most dangerous and tough mountains.

Book a Charter Bus for Your Group Outing

The next time you have a group outing, you need to consider the type of transportation you are going to use. Do you want everyone to get there at the same time? The answer is likely yes, which means it can be beneficial to book a charter bus.

Can the Great Wall of China Be Seen From the Moon?

The question of whether or not the Great Wall of China can be seen from space, and specifically if it can be seen with the naked eye from the moon, is one that has caused much debate over the years and has given rise to all kinds of explanations supporting both sides of the argument. The first instance of someone claiming that the Wall could be seen from the Moon was recorded as long ago as 1754. Although this date was obviously over two hundred years before the first manned flight occurred, it is thought that much of…

Cuba: History and Architecture During the Day, and in the Night – Casa De La Musica!

Nightlife in Cuba, Havana Cuba, paradise for tourists living in casa particular. What tourist should know about Cuba´s nightlife.

Alaska: The Land That Offers Unending Thrill and Uncompromising Peace

Alaska is a destination, which has been perfected by Mother Nature. The impeccable natural beauty that the images of Alaska present only reinforces itself when you arrive here. Besides taking in its marvelous beauty, you can perform a variety of activities. The most important ones that will truly make your Alaskan tour the most memorable are 4-wheeler rides, Kayak and rafting trips, and ziplining. Read on to learn how you can best enjoy them.

Hiking Namibia’s Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is the second largest of this formation in the world after the Grand Canyon in Colorado, USA. The hiking trail is popular among tourists and a highly recommended African destination for adventure seekers.

Trekking in Indian State of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, the “Abode of Gods” and “Abode of Snow” is a hill state in the western Himalayas, and known the world over for its lush beauty, greenery, serene environments, and adventure. Adventure enthusiasts can have a splendid time here trekking the various mountain passes that cover the length and breadth of the state. There are over 200 trekking places in Himachal.

The New Atlantis Exhibit at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Is Just Awesome

It is always exciting to know as much about space ships and their mysterious missions. But what if you have the opportunity to explore such amazing machinery real-time – the excitement exceeds beyond all imaginations. And the same is true to the recently opened all new Atlantis Exhibit at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Holidays With Friends: 10 Tips to Keep It Cool

Actually, there is only one group of people with whom I vacation regularly and NEVER have one problem. Here is how we keep it cool with my Perfect Holiday Friends (PHF).

Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the World

Explore the beautiful underwater world with this breathtaking activity. Scuba divers get the wonderful opportunity of meeting with variety of sharks, eagle rays, manta rays and other aquatics that play in the waters and leave you with a mesmerizing experience.

Ancient Egypt Adventure in 5 Days

When we told friends and family about our upcoming trip to Egypt, they couldn’t warn us enough. Some even said that we were silly, however within moments of setting foot on Egyptian soil we realised that we had made the right choice!

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