Thursday Morning Snorkel

Driving Through the Desert

One of the most formative experiences of my life – maybe because it was borderline traumatic – happened to me when I first drove out to the beautiful state of California to start on my new job back in the year 2000. The journey took me through the spectacular countryside of Missouri, Kansas and Colorado, and a nasty stretch of desert between Utah and California, forcing me to confront some of my deepest fears.

What Is Bivvying?

Bivvying, despite being on paper fairly similar to camping, is a completely new experience. It’s a liberating way of sleeping without the trappings of the hi-tech material world that is incessantly buzzing in our faces and in our lives.

Things to Do in Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne, Florida is a city in the state of Florida that is not as popular as other cities within the state. Nevertheless, it has many fun things to do and enjoy with your family. Is quite, relaxing, and not so crowded like popular Miami and Orlando.

6 Mind-Boggling Animals You Can Meet in Peru

So you love animals huh? Peru is a travel destination for adventurous people and an amazing place to explore for animal-loving individuals. Check out some of the interesting animals that you can meet while you’re in Peru.

Increasing Preference For Adventure Tours Is Changing The Set Travel Rules

Not too long ago, adventure tours were considered the prerogative of a few daring bravehearts. Families and couples almost always opted for the conventional trips to the most favored tourist destinations. Even among the youngsters, most of them were practical thinkers who wanted to play safe and didn’t get excited by the thought of fun mixed with a dose of risk.

Fear Starts Creeping In For the 23rd Halloween Horror Nights Event

The spooky teasers are getting louder. And the catch phrase What Evil has Taken Root? is making headlines everywhere.

Descending Into Kalaupapa’s Dark Past on Molokai, Hawaii

Descending into Kalaupapa’s dark past Buzzy Sproat has experienced a lot during his time on the remote island of Molokai. The legendary mule trainer has spent the last 40 years guiding visitors down the world’s tallest sea cliffs to the hauntingly beautiful Kalaupapa peninsula. As we saddled up, Buzzy went through his standard orientation and explained the role of his trusty mules.

Tropical Heat!

Why would anyone want to stay in Malaysia when it’s so darned hot? There are lots of good reasons and lots of interesting things to see and do! Malaysia grows on you. And, you can adjust to the heat… eventually.

What’s It Like To Shark Dive With Jaws

What’s it really like swimming and coming face to face with Jaws? Find out about my experience with the misunderstood Great Whites in South Africa’s famous Shark Alley.

Horsley Hills Is a Hill Station of Diverse Natural Beauty in Andhra Pradesh

Adventure in India releases all the fear factor of body and mind and infuses a new energy in the lap of pure Mother Nature. To enjoy the adventure in India, the tourist will have to relax from the daily routine work for a particular period of time. We offer complete guide of Holiday trip of Adventurous Sports: Trekking, Climbing, Camping, Rafting, Skiing, Wildlife, Safaris, Biking & Cycling.

Haunted Locations

At a glance Key West appears to be the ultimate picture of paradise, but looks can be deceiving as every little town harbors its own little secrets and Key West is no different. This little town is a mere 2 mile by 4 mile island with a very sordid past rich with tales of island pirate lore, voodoo curses, and black magic rituals and comes complete with its own notorious hauntings.

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