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Essentials for Successful Travel

This may not be a list that you can actually pack, but unlike the last list it really does include the essentials for a pleasant, safe and stress-free trip. Okay, totally stress free may not be achievable but with a few of these to assist you it can be pretty close.

Planes, Trains, and Well, Mainly Just Planes

It’s hard to fathom how incredibly enormous the state of Alaska is. When we look at a basic map, it doesn’t look that big at first glance (especially the ones that put it to the lower left side in its own box next to Hawaii). However, from the tips of the Aleutian Islands to the southeast peninsula that borders Canada, Alaska spans about 2,500 miles (or the length of the contiguous United States).

The Road to Casablanca

Travels to the land south of Al-Andalus is inviting and exotic. Crossing the Strait of Gibraltor, the gateway to the Atlantic ocean and Meditarranean sea is definitely one route to take. Crossing the Strait allows you to view two continents at the same time.

Reasons For Rafting the Grand Canyon

About five million people visit the Grand Canyon every year, and for good reason. Rafting in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River gives you sights and thrills that you won’t get anywhere else.

Wildlife Tours – Pack Light and Pack Right

Since polar, grizzly or black bear tours rarely take place within the vicinity of malls, department stores or 7-Elevens, you will want to make sure you have absolutely everything you’re going to need for your wildlife adventure. On the other hand, since these tours usually involve smaller planes and boats, you will be asked to pack light, taking a medium-sized duffel bag at the most. Those two points don’t necessarily need to contradict each other.

Five Safaris in Africa to Do Before You Die

In Africa, tours are not complete without going on some form of safari. This magnificent continent is home to the most majestic wildlife in the world and attracts millions of people every year who come to gaze upon the beauty of the wild. Most people will only get to enjoy this trip a few times during their life, which is why it is so important to choose your safaris wisely.

Traveling Around The World Is One Of Life’s Most Rewarding Experiences

Traveling around the world and visiting different countries can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do in life. A tremendous amount of excitement and enjoyment can be gained by traveling to a distant nation.

Don’t Forget Your Personal Protection Products When Getting Ready For A Trip

Taking a trip can be a big undertaking whether it is vacation, business trip, family emergency or just getting away for a while. Be sure you work every detail out thoroughly so there are no regrets after you’ve started out. Don’t over look all of the safety aspects even your personal security or self defense protection products. Take your personal alarms, fresh pepper sprays, charged stun guns and even your ever faithful C2 taser gun or the flashlight, siren stun gun. Any neglect here could be very costly to you.

A Trip To The Flaming Cliff, Bayanzag, Mongolia

A beautiful sky set the tone for the day and we are roaring to go again. Breakfast was American club sandwich with always gratifying salad, western Mongolian fusion style! After filling the stomach we were on the way to witness the famous site for dinosaur paleontology including first nest of dinosaur egg and other fossils discovered by paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews in 1920s.

Amazing Outdoorsmen Accomplishments

In our common neighbourhood all over the country the adventurous man is trying to unleash himself from every single dad, lawyer, lazy guy, post man and retired jogger. It is all over some pieces of clothing they wear during free time, tight black fleeces, running shoes, sport sunglasses and sport watches. The will to purchase such products are sometimes influenced by the actual practice of hiking or camping activities however, what is most observed in shopping malls, is the consumerism of north face products because of pure admiration.

Whale Watching

Ship ahoy mates and explore with naturalists on a whale watching adventure cruise from San Diego. View gigantic whales during their migration.

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