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Types of Safaris on Offer in Tanzania

Choosing where to go on holiday or vacation can sometimes be a hard decision. Many people read through countless brochures for inspiration, and still don’t find the dream destination that they have in their head. To help you out with your decision, I’ll let you in to a little secret about a destination that beats anywhere else in the world hands down for an adventure holiday at this current moment in time. I am talking about Tanzania in East Africa.

Safari in Namibia: How to Spend Wisely

Namibia offers countless ways to get your money in the hands of those who need it most. Discover the secrets to shopping for that perfect souvenir while on safari in Namibia.

Belize – Paradise on Earth

Belize, a small country located on the Caribbean coast may be lesser known for some, but this place offers an absolutely amazing experience. The best place to spend your vacations while in Belize is the country’s largest city Belize City. This city is located on the mouth of Belize river; one of the factors responsible for making it one of the best places to spend your vacations. Belize City offers a rich blend of cultures from different parts of the world.

Adventure Holiday Companies, Finding the Right One For You

For the majority of us, taking the time to book, plan and execute an adventure holiday whilst undergoing our busy lives is borderline impossible which is why we have adventure holiday companies to do so for us. With this in mind how does one know which company to choose? Adventure holidays are naturally high risk ventures therefore opting for an agent simply because it has the lowest prices in town perhaps isn’t the best idea.

Adventure Travel Overseas

You can have the adventure of a lifetime when you are travelling overseas. The world is an exciting place to explore and there are many opportunities to see different sights if you are prepared to go overseas. Each of the seven continents of the world boasts some spectacular sceneries and opportunities to meet people and absorb different culture.

Our Mission: Preparing (Day Two)

On Saturday, January 25, our second full day in India, I was up early to be able to record the events of the mission trip thus far and to prepare myself for the coming day. We were to meet in the lobby by 7:00 a.m. The group was to take a day trip to Naigonda, where the Native origination had established a school for women.

Independent Travel: The Advantages of Traveling Light

There are as many ways to get to places as there are places to go, but for nearly every mode of travel, no matter what the destination taking less almost always results in coming home with more. I have always found that the independent travel is nearly always easier and more interesting when you have less stuff to deal with. From getting where you are going to getting around once you get there, the rule of “have less / do more” holds true just about everywhere you want to go.

Temporary Housing Choices for Independent Travelers

Independent travel is nearly always an exercise in compromise. Everything from where you go, to how you travel, and what you do when you arrive all involve choices between functionality, cost, and comfort. Finding a place to sleep on the road is one of the biggest areas to consider when planning an adventure, and your choice may depend on your budget, your itinerary, and even how ‘authentic’ of a journey you wish to make. On past journeys I’ve slept just about everywhere – 5 star hotels, luxurious guesthouses, couchsurfing home stays, trains, planes, picnic tables and porches have all been my bed for at least a night; each option has its time and place, and at the end of the day knowing which option to take can be the difference between restful sleep, and a night of tossing and turning with worry about robbers, security guards, loud parties or hungry critters looking to snack on your last protein bar. Here’s a quick look at some of the more popular options.

Enjoy the Romance of Venice

While at Venice, be sure to visit all the important sights. Ranking at the top of the list of attractions is the majestic ancient church, Basilica di San Marco. Surrounded by azure water, this church is constructed with golden mosaic known for its splendor and uniqueness. Venice is one city in the world where you can come home feeling mesmerized even if you have not explored the city much. Such is the beauty of Venice that it enchants you the minute you step foot on it.

Rwanda, the Most Magical Safari Destination

Rwanda is a land of plenty when it comes to adventure tourism destinations. It is one safari destination where travelers comes with many expectations and leaves the country having them fulfilled in a wonderful and delighting way.

The Best Activities to Do While on Holiday in Uganda

There are a plethora of adventure holiday activities you may want to indulge in once on holiday in Uganda. Below are the most interesting activities and events Uganda best offers to its holiday visitors. Cultural Tours Uganda has a rich cultural heritage evident in the tribes in Uganda.

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