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Nepal Trekking Tours: A Chance To Explore The Rugged Beauty Of Nepal

The land-locked Nepal has been bestowed the best by Mother Nature. With snow peaked mountains and greenery all around, Nepal is one of the must visit place for every nature enthusiast. Nepal has six of the eight highest mountains in the world making it the best place for trekking.

A Non Trekking Nepal Holiday

An Everest Base Camp trek never crossed my mind when I travelled through Nepal. Seeing the highest mountain in the world certainly sent tingles down my spine but a week of non stop trudging through icy climes and thin air? No thanks, trekking isn’t my cup of chai. The more adventurous friends of mine looked on with mixture of surprise and horror, when I shared my plans: ‘But Nepal is all mountains. ‘What’s the point if you’re not going to trek? At least do the Annapurnas!’ was their spluttering, outraged response. But my boots weren’t made for walking. I’m more what you’d call your flip flop style of traveller. And I like to go against the grain.

Spend a Day at Dorset’s Zoos

If you plan to spend your holidays in Dorset, you are bound to have a good time whether it’s with family, your group of friends or your partner. Be sure to check into one of the luxurious Dorset holiday cottages. These cottages are ideal for small as well as large groups of people.

Visit Dorset’s Blissful Gardens

The Dorset holiday cottages are the best places to stay if you happen to be spending your holidays in Dorset. Not only do the Dorset holiday cottages offer you a clean, comfortable and luxurious stay during your holidays in Dorset, but also a chance to use the cottage’s self-catering facilities. Most of Dorset’s popular attractions are all located near the upscale Dorset holiday cottages.

Top Washington Travel Destinations

When you visit the nation’s capital, chances are you will be overwhelmed by all of the things to see and do. You may wonder what you should see first. Here are several attractions and sights to include on your itinerary depending on your time frame.

Great Australian Outdoor Adventures

The best place on Earth for a real outdoor adventure is in Australia. Whether you are a world class athlete or just appreciate the outdoors, the land down under has a great outdoor holiday waiting for you and by using a campervan rental, travellers can experience the sunburnt country in a unique way.

Top Ten Adventures at Crater Lake National Park

There is much more to Crater Lake National Park than the Lake. This top-ten list will take you to the lake and beyond for some spectacular adventures in the park.

Family Holiday in Montreal, Quebec

Holiday celebrations for the family do not only mean going out of town or country. A true family vacation require everyone to be able to find time to spend together bringing them closer to one another. It would be such a great opportunity for families to have the luxury of time to eat a meal together, visit beautiful places, and enjoy adventure rides. A family holiday in Montreal, Quebec is a great way to begin this annual tradition to encourage the members of the family in discovering the many things that they could do together.

Top Toronto Travel Destinations

A trip to Toronto offers visitors a cultural and diverse experience. Here are some destinations and attractions to include in your itinerary.

Top Vancouver Travel Destinations

As one of Canada’s most populous cities, Vancouver offers visitors and tourists a unique and exciting experience. There are many attractions and activities that will please even the most discerning of tastes. Be sure to include some of these activities in your itinerary for a trip you won’t soon forget.

Top Venice Travel Destinations

When you travel to Venice, you will most likely feel that you’ve entered the most unique city you’ve ever been to. History, culture and unique architecture combine to give you an experience you won’t soon forget. Here are some sights to see when you travel to this great city.

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