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Setsubun – The Japanese Bean Throwing Ceremony

It is also February third, or ‘Setusbun’ (literally, ‘the splitting of the seasons’) and it’s time for spring cleaning. Not one’s house though- that’s done on New Year’s Eve, but a spiritual spring cleaning. In ceremonies across the nation, children are given out beans (roasted and edible) to throw at a man dressed up as frightening ‘oni,’ the Japanese word for demon, blocking an entranceway. Feigning great pain as he is pelted with the magic beans by the excited, laughing children, the ‘oni’ staggers off and disappears to the cries of “Fuku wa uchi! Oni wa soto!” (In with good fortune! Out with the devil!)

Going On An African Safari

When thinking of taking an adventure holiday, the very first place which comes to mind is Africa. The wild African safari holidays draw thousands of people every year.

Taking a Road Trip to Soothe the Soul

Definitely vacations can be fun and exciting, but also hectic and nerve-racking; yet there is one form of get-away that can be the most rejuvenating of all. Though rarely undertaken, it is the lone road trip.

Robe South Australia Is the Perfect Place To Discover Relaxation

One of the wonderful things about traveling in Australia is exploring the historic towns that dot the landscape. Robe, South Australia is a perfect example of this. Robe is a small coastal town on South Australia’s Limestone Coast. Located 217 miles (350 kilometers) from Adelaide on Guichen Bay, it had been a thriving port town during its early years after which it was suddenly forgotten for virtually a century. Today, Rob has been rediscovered and is a vibrant and popular tourist destination.

Safari Holidays In Africa – Shake Hands With The Lion!

Planning for safari holidays? Come to Africa!

African Safari Holidays – Come Close To Wildlife And Nature

African safari holidays are ideal for nature lovers. This continent is covered with natural beauty and has the best game reserves. If you wish to watch wildlife in its most natural form, come to Africa. There is abundant flora and fauna, besides plenty of adventure and serenity.

Choose The Best African Safari Holidays

African safari holidays can be a luxurious, adventurous, romantic, affordable, family oriented and fun filled affair. You can choose any kind of holiday you like in this complex and wonderful continent. Africa offers a lot to adventure travellers and safaris are among the most sought after holiday activity by tourists.

What To Pack On An African Safari

When gearing up for a safari vacation it’s important to pack the right gear for the trip. No one wants to look like the out of place, nerdy tourist that’s decked out in khaki with a pair of binoculars around their neck but the truth is, if you’re not from Africa then you’re likely to end up looking like a tomato in seconds. Avoid the mockery of your friends by packing a few smart essentials to keep you safe on your journey.

Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuary – The Call of Wild Nature

Rajasthan the land of forts and palaces is also known for its number of wildlife reserves and sanctuaries. It is the home to some of the finest national parks and wildlife reserves of India, which nestles exotic species flora, fauna and avifauna.

Darjeeling Tour and Darjeeling Tourist Attractions

Darjeeling among the known hill resorts of India famous across the globe for its lush green vegetation and serene and scenic beauty of Lesser Himalayas. Tourists from across the globe come here to spend their holidays amidst scenic nature.

East Coast Australia – Suggested Itinerary

Australia’s East Coast is a smorgasbord of country, coastal and cityscapes, second to none. This article gives you the inside information on ‘must sees’ during your next visit!

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