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Self Drive Namibia Safaris: Who Needs a Guide When It’s So Darn Easy?

Who needs a guide when self-drive Namibia safaris are just so darn easy? If you wish to maximize your freedom and leisure, desire a more economical approach to fulfilling your African safari dream, yet never be…

Waterholes at Etosha: Namibia Wildlife Safaris

Etosha hosts several different types of waterholes. Small lakes, depressions, and pans quickly fill during the rainy season and make water available in all areas of the park. During these months, sightings of animals…

Self Drive Namibia Safaris: Top 3 Places You Have to See

The most brilliant self-drive Namibia safaris target these top 3 places of interest…Damaraland is sparsely populated and is bewitching with what surrounds the town as something so supernatural. The geology of the organ pipes, the nature of solitude, and a petrified forests ancient signs from an older world, light up the place and make the area magical.

Carpathian Getaway – A Perfect Anecdote to the Winter Blues

The Carpathian mounts offer an unique culture. The potential for skiing is second to none. The region is steeped in history.

The Three Sisters Wilderness – Backpacking

Having the height of 10,000 feet, the three peaks famously called ‘Three Sisters’ for the part of Cascade volcanic mountains in Oregon. The place encompassing the peaks is termed as the ‘Three Sisters Wilderness.’ These vary in height ranging in between 2000 to 10,000 feet and cover an area of 3, 00,000 acres and hold a lot of breathtaking glaciers.

Wildlife and Nature Tours in India

Nature lovers will find themselves delightfully irresolute as there are too many places to be explored. These places also provide excellent fishing and trekking opportunities.

Amusement Park Dos and Don’ts

If you are going on a family trip to an amusement park, the first thing you should do is sit down with your kids and explain the rules and regulations in order for them to have a fun and safe experience. There are several dos and don’ts to abide by when it comes to amusement park visits.

Why Every Honolulu Vacation Should Include a Luau

If you are planning a trip to Honolulu, you should definitely include a luau as part of your overall experience. Missing a luau would be like going to Niagara Falls and only visiting the museums. The history of the luau dates back to ancient times when women and men ate separately; women and commoners were forbidden to eat certain delicacies. In 1819 King Kamehameha II abolished this religious tradition and designed a feast that had men and women eating together with the King. The luau was born and has existed ever since.

Picking the Best California Beach to Lounge In

California can be a hideaway for the entire family, couples on their honeymoon, or even college students who are making the most of their vacation. Whether visiting California to take a swim, to bathe under the heat of the sun, or take surfing lessons, the countless beaches can provide the best facilities and enjoyable activities they look forward to.

Lake Atitlan – The Wow! Of Guatemala

In the center of Guatemala is a beautiful, crystal clear lake that is so deep, it inspires the depths of the imagination. Surrounded by active volcanoes of striking beauty and teeming with old growth forests and wildlife, it is a great place to study the nature. There are narrow paths through the vast, rugged terrain a guide would be recommended. There are many hotels resorts and retreats around the lake ideal for the backpacker or to suit the tastes of those who require the finest of luxury accommodations.

The Wonderful World Of Deep Sea Fishing

Ever dream of catching a fish even larger than you? You can make this dream a reality but you need to head where the creatures dwell. These creatures are usually found and caught while deep-sea fishing where the likely-hood of catching an enormous fish is much more likely.

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