Sunset Snorkeling in San Juan, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

Sailing the Islands of Tonga

The islands of Vava’u in the Kingdom of Tonga are renowned for their sheltered anchorages and isolated coves, offering one of the best year-round sailing vacations in the Pacific. There are many experienced and professional sailing charter companies that offer single and multiple day sailing adventures around these magnificent Polynesian islands.

Ophir – Tiny Town in the Oquirrh Mountains of Utah That Refuses to Die

Tucked up in a deep limestone canyon in the Oquirrh Mountains of Utah is the tiny little town / ghost town of Ophir that some say is “Too Tough To Die”. This little hamlet provides a glimpse back into the rowdy days of mining boom towns in the Utah Mountains and the setting couldn’t be more wild.

Man and Machine: Motorcycles, Meaning and Memories

If you talk to anyone who owns a motorcycle, there’s a common thread among them all: they love to ride. From the jaunt around the block with the neighbor to the multi-state treks with businessmen, stay-at-home moms, tradesmen, 20 something’s, 50 something’s and everything in-between, the band of individuals brought together is defined by the feeling that can only be appreciated once you’ve sat in the “saddle” and kicked the starter to life.

Unique Adventure Sport Experiences in Rishikesh

Adventure sports in rishikesh are extremely popular and travelers from all over the country and globally visit Rishikesh to enjoy all kinds of different adventure sports. Rafting is particularly popular and there are innumerable adventure camps in Rishikesh that offer lots of opportunities to enjoy different kinds of adventure sporting activities.

A Place Called Indian Springs – Tooele County, Utah

One evening out in the Utah Desert, I decided to go exploring by the light of the moon in a remote mountain range. This is the recollection of that adventure.

The Ghosts of Heceta Head

Mid way down the rocky coastline of Oregon on a rocky point that juts out into the sea, is an interesting, beautiful but somewhat creepy little lighthouse & keepers quarters. This place is called Heceta Head. This article is the tale of a visit to this place with a particular curiosity in paranormal activity.

Tales and Photography of Amazing African Safaris

This article observes the life and travels of Clive and Anne Arnold who are African adventurers. Clive is a gifted photographer and his book of photography is soon to be released.

Choose Cambodia Holiday Tours For An Unforgettable Experience

Those who want to spend their holiday in paradise, with bounty of natural scenic beauty surrounding them, they should consider the amazing destinations located in South East Asia. One such destination that offers a memorable holidaying experience is Cambodia. This South East Asian country, formerly known as Kampuchea, shares its boundary with neighboring countries of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

Spend This Vacation in Diverse Kerala Also Called God’s Own Country

One loves to be in Kerala at least once in the life and if the individual comes here once there is always once more in the mind. Such is the sensational beauty of the region. Kerala offers great culture, fine environmental and heritage beauty.

Rishikesh Resorts – Rafting Camps and So Much More!

People from India and the world come down to this adventurous city to witness and experience the thrill of white waters of the river Ganga. It’s truly adventure that opens up your mind and body and unites them.

The History of Halong Bay

Halong Bay’s name refers to a dragon that descends, and it has long been a site of mythic significance to the Vietnamese. Dragons have long been sacred to the Vietnamese, who believe that they are descended from the union of the dragon god Lac Long Quan and a beautiful goddess of the mountain, Au Co.

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