Sunset Snorkel Tour

How To Make The Most Of An Adventure Vacation

For a memorable adventure holiday, proper planning is in order. Find out how to make the most of your family holiday to create the most memorable experience.

Greatest Destinations To Visit on Holiday in Uganda

Beautiful Uganda is located in East Africa and has been termed as the number one tourist destination by the World Tourist Organization with scenically amazing natural wonders. The country is one of the most sought after destinations in Africa for adventure holidays and in this line, the article highlights some of the best holiday destinations that make Uganda so popular for vacations and adventure trips.

The 7 Must-Visit Attractions in Uganda

Dubbed, the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is a land known for its natural beauty and the hospital people. The scenic beauty of Uganda is one of the fundamental attributes that can never go unnoticed for any adventurous traveler. It is full of splendors that can only be unveiled only by visiting. The country prides in so many aspects that truly visit its visitors a genuine visual treat.

Santorini Donkeys

When I heard for a first time about Donkey Tours in Santorini I said… Wait, what did you just said? Real donkey ride In year 2010? Immediately it took my curiosity to the highest peak of Himalayas…oh sorry I meant to the highest peak of Caldera. My interest drove me to the mysterious paths of Internet and here is what I have found out…

There Are More Beautiful Faces On This Planet Than Humans – An African Safari Can Prove It

African safari is one of the best things that you can do in order to do get away from your daily mundane routine of going to the same job and meeting the same faces again and again. Even while walking down the street every other guy that you meet is nobody else but a human.

When The Nature Beckons It Is Time To Pack Your Bags

Majority of the times while we are leading our everyday lives and are busy dealing with the stress and strains of our lives and livelihood. We seldom have the time to hear that call from the all pervasive nature that is calling on us to embrace us and relieve us from all our tensions and the self imposed shackles.

Top 5 Activities This Summer

Summer is the time for the beach, fun and the sun. Getting outdoors and out on the water. In this article I have listed the top 5 summer activities to take up and experience this summer.

Who Knew?

I am a fairly busy person as are most people, so when my boyfriend surprised me with tickets for a bus tour in San Francisco, I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down with enthusiasm. All I wanted to do on that Friday night after a long week, was a lazy night on the couch with a cup of hot tea and a good movie or book. However, to my surprise and relief, the Night Bus Tour of San Francisco on a Double Decker was unexpectedly, exactly what I needed!

Currumbin, Australia

A travellers view of Currumb in Queensland Australia Yesterday I had the pleasure of lunch here at Currumbin Surf Club, as you can see from today’s pictures the Surf club itself is built directly on a large geographical feature of the area, Elephant rock. Why anybody would choose to spoil such an interesting feature let alone for a council to allow it, is beyond me but there it is. I have visited this venue before, Father’s Day 2007 and so I have inside information that the lunch will be excellent regardless of the positioning of the club.

Temecula Valley, California’s New Wine Destination

More and more people are changing their visits from Sonoma and Napa Valley to California’s newest wine hot spot, Temecula. Just because it’s a new hotspot does not mean it is new. If fact this little Southern California area has been making wine since before California was even a state. Why then, has become such a destination now? It is because the area offers a full package of activities to do besides just the local wineries.

The Best Holyday Package Destination

You can find exclusive holiday packages in Cyprus that will force you to come here again and again. The packages of tours in the Cyprus are very cheap and are affordable for the people of every class and creed. Cyprus has become famous destination center for the tourists all around the world.

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