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Holiday To Space

With so many wonderful holiday destination dotted around the world why would you want a holiday to space? Granted, a trip to space would be pretty amazing, however, short of discovering a new alien race, you couldn’t expect to find anything much to do in space except gaze at the planets and marvel at how far from earth you were. Short of the money though to make it to space, what if you could have an adrenaline hit at some of the world’s most amazing destinations? Chances are, one of them may be in a location you were heading to anyway and this way you can partially satisfy that need for a holiday to space.

Charter Bus Etiquette Tips

When you are going on a charter bus trip you will want to enjoy yourself as much as possible – and so will everyone else. The trouble may be that you are in an enclosed space with many other individuals who may be complete strangers to you. So if everyone is to have a good time, you will all need to observe certain rules of etiquette.

Why Choose an Airport Bus?

People who fly nationally or internationally require more transport than just the airplane. They have to get from the airport to their accommodation and back again at the end of the trip. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to do this is by taking the airport bus.

Snorkeling in Key West

They say that snorkeling is an activity for everyone. You have to try it at least once in your life and you’ll know if they are right.

Explore the Greater Savuti Area

From the safari centre in the Republic of Botswana (southern Africa), the lively town of Maun, the majority of safari adventures start (and finish). From Maun you can depart to most of the wonderful National Parks Botswana has to offer. Go to the north west to the Okavango Delta where you enter the Moremi Game Reserve and further north to the Savuti Marshes and Chobe National Park. Or go east and visit the Nxai Pan National Park, Makgadikgadi Pans National Park and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Regal Luxury at Pashan Garh Wilderness Lodge

Pashan Garh Wilderness Lodge, set amidst 200 acres of private jungle close to the entrance of the Panna National Park’s tiger reserve, comprises the best place to appreciate nature while being pampered in royal fashion. The lodge’s 12 chic cottages perched atop a hill rising above the jungle canopy, afford magnificent views of the lush forest and nearby watering hole, where antelopes and other wildlife reign.

Five Good Reasons to Explore Navarre Beach

In a survey conducted by a travel website, Florida beaches dominate the list of America’s greatest beach getaways. This only confirms the fact that the Sunshine State is truly a tourist haven that offers idyllic destinations of sand and sea. Navarre Beach is one such destination.

Itching To Get Away? Go For a Florida Beach Adventure!

When planning the ultimate getaway, most travelers envision a beach adventure. This is only natural of course, as nothing beats feeling the sand between one’s toes, breathing in the fresh sea breeze and getting a sun-kissed look. When choosing the perfect haven of sand and sea, there’s no better option than the best beaches Florida could offer.

Outing at Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Gir wildlife sanctuary is located in Gujrat. It is also known as Sasan-Gir and houses Asiatic lions. Visiting this wildlife sanctuary is a unique experience as it offers you to see the activities of lion through a jeep safari. The lions are best viewed at dawn or dusk when they are on the move.

Volunteering in an Elephant Sanctuary

I wanted to visit Chiang Mai, in Thailand, as I had heard so much about it and I wasn’t disappointed. The main reason however, that I had decided to spend more time in Thailand, was to experience volunteering in an elephant sanctuary, which was located about an hour way from Chiang Mai.

Where to Eat on a Bistro Tour of Paris

Heading to Paris is fun for a wide variety of reasons and no doubt travellers will find it hard to fit everything they want to do into their holiday itineraries, regardless of how long they are in the City of Light for. However, what must not be left out of holiday plans is a meal or two at one of the charming bistros lining the cobbled streets of Paris.

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