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Whitewater River Rafting West Virginia

White water rafting has become a favorite adventure recreation travel destination of many thrill seekers from all over the world. Of all the mountainous areas throughout the Appalachian range; West Virginia has become one of the most popular destinations for white water rafting adventures on the east coast. What is whitewater rafting, what are the origins of whitewater rafting and why whitewater river rafting in West Virginia?

Egypt – A New Adventure

Arriving in Egypt the day after Christmas in 1986, I began an incredible two week long adventure. Having never been out of the United States before, I had certainly picked an exotic place to begin my international travels. To top it all off, I was just recovering from an extreme bout with the intestinal flu and was really in no shape to travel. Due to the international situation in the middle east in 1986, security at Kennedy airport was extremely high and flying by Egypt Air didn’t help matters any. An Iranian airliner had just been shot down the day before, so as we were about to board the plane, we were escorted to a small door behind which were five BIG Egyptian security guards with semi-automatic weapons, who thoroughly searched all of our carry on luggage, even taking the lens caps and lenses off cameras.

The Isle of North Uist, Scotland in the Outer Hebrides

The Isle of North Uist in Scotland is an absolute gem amongst the Scottish Islands – although the truth is that all the islands in the outer Hebrides are special. The gorgeous sandy beaches and miles of glistening blue sea and lochs are enough to take make your heart miss a beat. There is so much sparkling water that it’s often impossible to tell where the land stops and the sea begins! If you’re visiting Scotland, book the ferry and go there!

Jungle Hostel: Only 25 Miles From Panama’s International Airport?

Discover the possibilities in Panama’s emerging tourism market. This article discusses the future of adventure tourism in a segment exploring the possibilities for a “jungle hostel” that allow you to tailor your own true jungle experience.

Sleepless in China

I don’t think that I have ever seen a more beautiful sunrise than the one that occurred as we pulled into the port of Hong Kong. Ridiculous skyscrapers loom over the waterfront and nestle up against the green mountains in the background. Immediately, I could tell that this was a city worth spending days exploring. Unfortunately, I only had about three hours.

Moroccan Medinas: Get Lost In Order to Find Yourself

Just to let you know–I have recently fallen in love with a hot, dirty, beautiful mistress who goes by the name of Morocco. Stepping off of the Explorer, the first thing that comes to mind is: Where the hell am I? The port of Casablanca is heavily industrialized and extremely busy. My Adventures in Morocco during the Fall 2010 Voyage of Semester at Sea…

Incredible India!

It has been said that there are two types of people in the world, those who have been to India and those who have not. If one wishes to truly come to terms with their own humanity, I advise them to walk the streets of Chennai (formerly known as Madras). I thought that I was cultured, well-traveled, and had just about seen everything that the world could throw at me. After a few hours of strolling through the city, I felt as if I was traveling again for the first time. Reflections on my time spent in India during the Fall 2010 Voyage of Semester at Sea.

Getting Down in Cape Town

Imagine standing on a bridge that stretches across a massive gorge. 710 feet below, a river snakes its way into the Indian Ocean–which is visible in the distance. Now imagine standing on the edge, looking down, taking a deep breath, and leaping off… Besides being the highlight of my life, this experience was also the highlight of my time in South Africa.

Finding the Right Sports Gear for Kayak Tours

Finding the right kayak sports gear can spell the difference between a comfortable and memorable adventure and one that you would rather forget. More importantly, the right sports gear for kayak tours will keep you safe from injuries and other dangers. When looking for the right kayak sports gear, check out the list below.

African Wildlife Safaris: Insider Secrets for the Photographic Safari

African wildlife safaris to East and southern Africa offer exceptional photographic opportunities. However safaris between these two regions are quite different when it comes to how you photograph wildlife from the vehicle.

Xingping: Where Is It?

Why you should visit this beautiful, small, scenic, ancient town with 1800 years of history. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery where ever you look. Magnificent sun rises & sunsets can be enjoyed. A photographers paradise.

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