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4 Things You Cannot Afford to Forget While Travelling

Travelling is not all easy, unless you are a good bag packer. By carrying proper materials in your bag, you can surely enjoy the trip. Proper clothes, footwear and gadgets cut the stress and help you to enjoy at your fullest.

What’s New About Star Wars at Disney Parks

Ever since Disney had acquired the Lucasfilm Franchise expectations about the future of this most celebrated space opera keep making the headlines everywhere. In fact the discussions about new Star Wars Attractions have topped the list of all theme park speculations like never before. And I think the prospects of enjoying more of Star Wars right in the middle of the world’s happiest place or the possibilities of visiting an entire land dedicated to the iconic Franchise for that matter have changed the way we think about space adventures today.

Coonawarra – The Productive Wine Region Of Australia

Located in South Australia, Coonawarra is a small town, best known for the Coonawarra wine region. Coonawarra used to be a station on the Mount Gambier railway line that opened in 1887. There were occasional train services in the till the beginning of 2000s, but no traffic operated since then.

Reasons Why Snorkeling Is Beneficial During A Vacation

When going on a holiday and making your excursions list, snorkeling is among the activities you should include in the list. Catamaran snorkeling can be most enjoyable and apart from the thrill of the activity, you stand the chance to enjoy health benefits too. You can get your body exercised in a fun, exciting way through snorkeling. Here are some of the reasons why you will find it beneficial to take part in this fun filled activity on any given vacation.

Horse Riding On Your Holiday – Tips To Make It A Thrilling Adventure

Holidays can be thrilling, especially when they are well-planned. With so many holiday destinations across the globe, you will find a place to achieve your holiday goals or to experience the things you have always yearned to do while on a vacation. Horse riding on a beautiful coastal setting dotted with palm trees and turquoise waters can be the most rewarding. However, to enjoy such an experience, you will need to carefully select your destination and get it right with all the efforts you put into the horse riding holiday.

Buggy Adventures For An Exciting Holiday

If you love adventure and the thrill that you get from such daring activities, buggy adventures are exciting choices you can make for your holidays. The best thing about buggy rides is that you can take control of your tours to explore the destination in a thrilling and adventurous manner. They are designed to handle challenging terrains and driving through the muddy patches and rocky areas complete the experience. To keep the buggy rides exciting during the holidays, you will need to make the right choices from the word go.

Island Excursions – Getting The Best Every Time

There are so many islands or shore excursions you can enjoy on a vacation. They can include snorkeling, fishing, buggy riding and horse riding among many others. The choices you make in the end will depend on the individual preferences you have and the kind of holiday experience you are after. The secret in it all is to make every single second of the activities pleasurable and most memorable for you. This is not too hard to enjoy when you know what matters most to you. You can enjoy the very best of the excursions every holiday.

Journey Across Kenya and Uganda

In June 2014 Bev arrived in Nairobi to start a month-long journey through Kenya and Uganda. Bev’s timing was perfect: the Lake Turkana Cultural Festival was to take place a couple of days after her arrival in Kenya and so that was the first destination. Fourteen ethnic groups from northern Kenya gathered in Loiyangalani, each setting up a traditional house, donning traditional costumes, dancing traditional dances and singing traditional songs. In Archers Post, Bev spent some time at the Umoja School. It’s a brand new school with only 14 students, and so Bev spent the morning teaching science to the whole school. In the afternoon Francis took Bev into Samburu National Reserve where a lion walked not five metres past the vehicle! And then there was Uganda…

A Look Back at the 2014 Theme Park Highlights

For Orlando Theme Park fans, the Year 2014 is unique in many exciting ways. I think the world-famous Parks here had taken some impressive leaps in making our dream vacations even more special and memorable. 2014 is the Year when for the first time muggles at Universal Orlando were able to experience the iconic multi-park ride-adventure onboard the famous Hoghwart Express.

Travelling – An Important Part of Life

Travelling is loved by everybody I suppose. Every human being loves to explore new places and adapt to the various cultures that they possess. Considering the humungous area that the earth is covered into, there are so many beautiful places that you can visit and spend your time. Leave aside the fact that people are trying to reach to the moon and other planets, I am very sure that the earth is still less travelled. There would still be thousands of unseen places which can take your breath away. Being at a place is not just about the location, it is about various other things that include the kind of people, the cultures that they adapt, the food that they eat, the traditions that they follow.

Things to Remember Before Going for a Cycling Trip

Adventure tours are very common today. The adventure-seeking people always go for various trips when they get the time. These trips refresh the mind of the travelers. Biking, cycling, rock climbing, zipping, scuba diving are some popular adventures.

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