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Valuable Island Hopping Tips

Most people nowadays find it fun to go on an island hopping adventure. You have to admit that seeing beautiful picturesque views of the island is something that would leave you breathless. There are actually a lot of places all over the world that you could check out in case you plan to go on an island hopping adventure. You should make a little research online and you would be surprised that there are really a lot to choose from. To those who plan to go on an adventure, here are some of the island hopping tips to make their trip an unforgettable one

Top 5 Grand Canyon Hikes

The Grand Canyon is not only the product of hundreds of millions of years of geological transformations, but is also one of the greatest and most beautiful natural wonders of the world. Few are aware of the immense size of its national park and all it has to offer. Here we look at some of the national park’s best hiking routes.

Colombia – Travel to Tayrona National Park

Colombia is the home of some spectacular beaches and very interesting national parks. One such amazing national park in Colombia that should put on your “must visit list before you die,” is the Tayrona National Park. It is an expansive park that spans from the Caribbean sea to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Great Animal Volunteer Programs in Ecuador

Here I’m going to introduce some great animal volunteer work programs in Ecuador. Volunteer with monkeys, turtles, and parrots; all while discovering the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest, and the Andean mountain ranges.

Thrill Seeking Activities in and Around OLudeniz, Turkey

The pilot will usually give you the choice of having your whole flight calm and slow, or if you would like more of an adrenaline rush by doing some ‘aerobatics’. When you land you will have the option of buying a CD/DVD of your photos/video so you can take home this amazing experience.

Going Solo

To solo or not to solo. Are you prepared? What does it take and what kind of person is solo travel meant for? Why travel solo? How about with a friend? These questions are explored in detail in this essay on traveling solo in Japan, and beyond.

Camping in Rishikesh – Best Way to Enjoy Adventurous Activities

Tourists from different nooks and corners of the globe land to Rishikesh – an adventurous and spiritual city situated in the fabulous state of Uttarakhand, to lure themselves on the rapids of River Ganga and relax their mind and soul by offering prayers to the deities. It is indeed the perfect place to lose oneself completely in the nature’s exquisiteness, flowing rivers and adventurous activities. Being the most admired and highly visited destination of India, Rishikesh facilitates its visitors to come and have oodles of fun in the verdant forests and lofty mountains peaks by dwelling for a day…

A Mountain, Some Lions, Blood Drinking Tribe, and Honeymoon Go Hand-In-Hand

While on a two-week honeymoon in Tanzania we experienced a multitude of adventures and oddities and although there are far too many stories to share I wanted to hit on a few highlights here. Somehow I convinced my husband that going to Tanzania in Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and do a safari was the best option for our honeymoon.

See Mount Kilimanjaro on a Tanzania Safari

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the many reasons why people choose to take a Tanzania safari. Countries all over Africa offer opportunities to see extraordinary wildlife, but Tanzania remains eminently popular. The mountain is Africa’s tallest, and dominates its surroundings.

Colombia – Living Good

Colombia is a very bio-diverse country with abundant natural resources. It is a developed country with a low cost of living and a stable democracy, and it is a wonderful place to live and retire.

The Legend of Sunderban’s Man Eaters

Sunderbans is one of the most well-known, thick and widely spread forests in India, with a legend of Bon Bibi behind it. The legend tells that a proper balance should be maintained between the humanity and the nature.

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