Start your day with Snorkeling in Puerto Rico!

Getting the Most Out of Your Gorilla Safari

Tracking mountain gorillas in the Virungas is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are only a few hundred of these fascinating creatures left in the wild, with just three places where you can experience them in their natural habitat, and a limited number of permits available each day. So when staring into the eyes of a Silverback you know you are one of a select group of people worldwide privileged enough to have enjoyed this wonderful experience.

Agra: The Second of Top 3 Golden Triangle Destinations

Agra’s claim to fame lies in one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Taj Mahal. The second stop on the Golden Triangle circuit, this beautiful city is home to no less than 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites. A trip to India is incomplete without a stop here.

Peaceful Costa Rica Offers a Touch of Adventure

Costa Rica can be a pleasant alternative for a relaxing winter vacation. The weather in San Jose and the surrounding central valley is especially good in winter – during the day it reaches into the 20s, falling to the teens at night, and rain is rare. Weather on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts is hotter and wetter.

Delhi – The First of the Top 3 Golden Triangle Destinations

A Visit to India’s Golden Triangle is an adventure into a kaleidoscope of unique and colorful sights that showcases the country’s cultural, historical and architectural wonders. Delhi is among the trio of destinations which lie in the Golden Triangle, with Agra and Jaipur to follow.

People Vs Bulls – San Fermin Festival

The history of the bull running in Pamplona is not clear. It has a religious origin associated with the cult of the bull and with the cult of Bacchus, the god of wine – a drink which is no less symbolic, but nowadays the festival is less religious and more traditional. It’s a mixture of the official and the popular, the religious and the profane, for local people and outsiders, the old and the new.

Periyar National Park-Treasuring the Wealth of Wildlife

Periyar National Park is a perfect habitat of Indian elephants. Located in Thekkady in Kerala, the park boasts of a rich variety of flora and fauna. Providing shelter to various wildlife species, the park offers ample opportunities to the tourists for wildlife photography.

Choosing An Overseas Residency

In the last few years, a greater number of people from the western world have decided to move overseas to live. Some to start a business while others to retire. In today’s world many more opportunities are offered to us. What are the things to consider when thinking of such a move?

The Black Hills of South Dakota Is Ground Zero for Your Old West Adventure Vacation

Nowhere else in the United States will you find an area so steeped in old west folklore, art, mystique and tradition that the moment you arrive your mind can’t help but shed the illusion of pseudo-happiness garnered from modern creature comforts and begin to absorb the reality of what life was truly like for our Nineteenth Century forebears. This was life at its most raw and only the toughest, most leather-skinned men and women survived. It wasn’t easy but it was real and it brought a joy that only a true cowboy would realize: Living each moment to the fullest, constantly testing your grit and facing your problems head-on in an environment ready-made to chew up & spit out the weak. These folks were forged in steel, pounded relentlessly by an unforgiving land and instilled with a fortitude, strength & genuine happiness that you and I can only imagine.

The Mysteries and Customs That Surround Lake Batur

Sitting on the far side of the lake and sandwiched between the water’s edge and the rim of the mountain is a mysterious village. It is mysterious not because its inhabitants are known to be the indigenous Balinese as they predate the Hindu settlers to this island who arrived in the 16th Century from the Hindu Majapahit kingdom. This village is famous for the Pura Pancering Jagat temple, sadly visitors are not allowed inside this temple. The villagers of this historic island only contact with the outside world is by wooden boats as no roads are able to reach this village.

7 Important Rock Climbing Terms

Many people enjoying this beautiful and unique sport of rock climbing because it allows them to push their boundaries and discover many things about their character. This sport is combination fitness, travel, making friends and exploring. I will cover in this article couple interesting terms that important for every rock climber.

4 Ways to Form Friendships While Traveling (And Sustain Them After)

Traveling does something to people. Having already committed to experiencing a new place, those on the road tend to be more willing to also experience new people, their culture, and their life stories. A time-passing conversation can sometimes transform a stranger into a traveling companion, and if you’re lucky, a sustained friendship.

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