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Snowmobiling Safety Tips – Part 2

Before embarking upon a snowmobiling trip, make sure to be aware of snowmobiling safety tips. Two common safety areas to be up to speed on are: avalanche safety and snowmobile ice safety.

Spring Break Trips

Let’s be honest, spring break is all about having fun. How can you have a fun spring break if you’re sitting at home with parents or roommates staring at the same TV, dealing with the same old friends, eating the same old food, and especially drinking the same old alcohol. You need to break out of your shell and get going!

Essential Info for Travelers Hoping to Visit Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park

Described as the “most biologically intense” place on earth, Corcovado National Park is a must-see for nature lovers, bird watchers, and wilderness hiking but entrance into and use of the park, including staying overnight at one of the Corcovado ranger stations, requires reservations. And, except for one station, there isn’t going to be any food or beverages (except for water) available. This article describes essential info for travelers hoping to visit Corcovado Park.

Corbett Resorts – Adding Excitement and Adventure To Your Wildlife Tour

Jim Corbett National Park is visited by a lot of tourists ranging from avid nature lovers to first timers, in order to experience the wildlife splendor amidst the natural habitat. Corbett National Park is therefore graced with one of the best accommodations, so as to quench the needs of every traveler. In fact, Corbett National Park is even more famous for the excellent resorts it houses.

Buying the Right Equipment for Your Off-Road Adventure

There are a multitude of activities that people take up for fun. Surfing, skiing, horse riding, sailing, motocross, biking and many more are all outdoor activities which require a certain level of bodily fitness and health. The important aspect is that they take place out in the fresh air.

Namibia – The Great Adventure. Meet Lions and Elephants in the Bush

Volunteering holidays in Namibia give you a chance to work with animals in their natural environment, meeting local people and experiencing life in the bush. The ultimate in adventure holidays and responsible tourism.

Caribbean Cave Tubing in Belize: A Serious Family Adventure

What does the family that wants a little history and archeology mixed in with their adventure, relaxation, and water, do when they’re on holiday in the Caribbean? They go Caribbean cave tubing!

Explore the Historic Castles in Wales

It is not surprising to see majestic castles standing tall in many areas of Wales. These castles have stood as silent witnesses to the passage of time and the rich history of Wales. When you visit Wales and stay at the luxurious Wales holiday cottages, you must not miss going to the different castles in the country.

Make It To Your Next Destination With Luxury Railway Tours

Choosing to take trains to your destination has several benefits over driving your own vehicle. When driving your vehicle, you not only have to worry about gas prices, you also have the aggravation of traffic and navigation. Think about the trip you are planning to take with your children. Imagine the experience the kids will have riding a train as opposed to being in the backseat of your car.

Kokoda History – Will I See Remnants Of The War Along The Track?

The Kokoda Track, officially called the Kokoda Trail, was the location of the Kokoda Campaign during World War 2. Today,it is a popular destination for adventure travellers and history buffs, as they brave the 96km trek across the Owen Stanley mountain range. Many of those travellers wonder: What is left of the Kokoda History on the track?

The Hike to Boiling Lake: A Caribbean Adventure for the Ambitious Family

The hike through a UNESCO World Heritage national park gives your family a Caribbean adventure that is both challenging and invigorating. If you’re looking for a Caribbean adventure for a family of thrill-seeking outdoors-loving people, make plans to hike through Dominica’s Morne Trois Pitons National Park to the world’s largest volcanic lake, the aptly titled, Boiling Lake. The 2-4 hour hike (each way) will test your endurance and reward you with spectacular views of the lush rainforest, Dominican mountains, and beautiful, relaxing ponds and waterfalls along the way.

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