Snorkeling with Starfish in Puerto Rico!

Going From Boracay to Cebu

I got up this morning and said goodbye to Lumiere. I’ve been hanging out with him for the last month and a half. It has been a great experience hanging with him because he has so much knowledge on traveling and picking up.

The History of the Arctic Is More Interesting Than You Might Think

Arctic exploration began in earnest during the Great Age of Discovery as explorers sought to find a sea route through the Arctic Ocean from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In 1744 the British parliament offered a reward for the discovery of the Northwest Passage. The ship Octavius was the first to attempt the voyage but the crew died in the winter of 1762, stuck in ice.

Getting My Visa Extension in Boracay, Philippines

Today, I had to go to the immigration office because my visa was about to expire. Unfortunately, most foreigners only get 21 days in the Philippines. Remember NOT to pass the 21 days or you will be fined.

Masai Mara Safari – Adventurous Place in Africa

Africa is been the best destination known for spending holidays. So this country preserves many places and site which are famous and some are attraction for tourist who travel from far regions to experience it in the states of Lesotho Africa, Gabon Africa and can just go for a jungle safari in Masai Mara Safari.

Backpacking Africa Away

Backpacking in Africa can be a real thrill. It is a chic, cheap and fun way of going around, and it will be a different way of experiencing, and breathing Africa. It makes no sense, however, to linger in one place for the entire duration of your vacation.

Christmas Holiday Planning in Branson Missouri

Reasons to consider a visit to Branson Missouri for the Christmas Holiday season. Fantastic light displays, interactive Christmas trees, famous performers, musical events and spectacular holiday shows all offer family fun and entertainment. Make memories to last a life-time by including Branson Missouri on your list of desired places to visit soon!

Fun Things To Do In Lancaster PA

Pennsylvania is one of the those states that has plenty of things to do, if you know where to look.  I recently made my way to Lancaster, PA, which is located in the south central part of the state.  When you think southern Pennsylvania, many people may think that there is not much to do, but that could not be further from the truth.

Studying Abroad – Don’t Let The Opportunity Get Away

There’s no doubt that some college students graduate with a lot of regrets. Some say they are guilty about recklessness that might have involved to much cheap beer among other things. However, there is one that is exceedingly common that you might not expect. Many alums regret never studying abroad.

North Atlantic Destination Vacations

Are you planning to enjoy a luxurious beach holiday, but find it difficult in choosing a destination? You are not alone. With so many beautiful beaches to consider, narrowing it down can be a challenge.

Kathmandu Magic: Land of Enchanted Tibetan Stupas, Land of a Revered Living Child Goddess

Kathmandu…the name itself seems to connote an enchanted land where ethereal Buddhist stupas are draped in prayer flags reaching for heaven. The purity of line in the design of nearby Bodhnath Stupa is not replicated with such grace anywhere else in Nepal. Watchful eyes of the Buddha are painted on four sides of the gilded tower looming above. It’s one of the few places in the world where unfettered Tibetan Buddhist culture still exists. Thousands of devotees circumnavigate the stupa clockwise each day in a surging, ritual procession as they chant mantras and spin prayer wheels embedded in the 147 niches of the surrounding wall…

Cambridge Venues

The historic university town of Cambridge is a splendid place to visit for all the people, regardless of age, education or nationality. The architecture is breath-taking, the town is welcoming and it is located less than an hour from central London. The medieval streets have been preserved in the city and the university courts are open for the visitors to wander around and get the sense of the history that dwells within the walls of one of Britain’s oldest academic institutions.

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