Snorkeling with Starfish and stingrays!

Looking for Heavenly and Luxury Holiday

For travelers who love to travel in style, a luxury travel agency can do the trick. For people interested in traveling to different countries and gathering experience, there are superb luxury holiday experiences for them. Taking care of your smallest requirement to your budget constraints, the travel operator helps you by all means. No matter what your requirements are, there is a tailor-made tour holidays available for you.

Norway Whale-Watching for the Thrill of a Lifetime

A cruise in Norway is one of the best ways to see this lovely land, but when additionally you spot a burst of spray erupt near your vessel as a majestic whale rises up out of the water, a whole new level of adventure awaits you. Norway whale-watching offers some of the best places for tours and sightings, often to the backdrop of picture perfect fjords.

The Absolute Best Places to Go Whale Watching

Whale watching trips have become a very popular tourist activity and there are some amazing places around the world where these magnificent sea mammals can be seen.   Hermanus in the Western Cape Province of South Africa is famous for whale watching and for the annual festival held in September to welcome both the animals and the spring season. From June to January whales are sighted here out in the open sea or else calving in the little coves and inlets.

Discovering the Gold in the Golden Triangle Tour

It was more out of curiosity that we set out to explore the Golden Triangle cities because when they were first recommended a thought that crossed our minds was, “What’s so golden about these cities?” So set out we did and were we in for one of the most pleasant and satisfying of journeys that any traveler can take on.

Alternatives to Tubing in Vang Vieng Laos

Vang Vieng, a small town in central Laos, has recently built itself a reputation as a destination for young travelers looking to party and participate in the infamous tubing. There are, however, numerous other activities available in Vang Vieng not called tubing, which can make a stopover worthy. Here I present three such options.

India Wildlife Tour: Three Best Known Destinations

The Indian sub-continent is blessed with a diverse topography which helps great deal in breeding of a wide range of wildlife. The country thus is brimming with above 500 wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries. There are about 28 Tiger Reserves which has been doing a great job at rehabilitation and breeding of Tigers in the country.

The Indigenous People Of The Amazon

We raised our four children with a tribe of Jivaro Indians in the Amazon rainforest which at that time were as primitive as they had ever been in the thousands of years of their existence. Murder actually served a purpose in that aboriginal society.

Hiking Israel: 10 Best Day Hikes on the Israeli National Trail

Hiking Israel? Israel offers a wide array of hiking trails. From the northern sea of Galilee to the Negev Desert and the Red Sea, you are guaranteed a quine and exciting experience. The Israel National Trail is a 620 miles long trail running from north to south and encompassing most of what Israel hiking has to offer. Many experienced hikers walk the entire trail, but individuals and families looking to explore Israeli outdoors can enjoy some of these day hikes along the Israel National trail.

Traveling Alone

While traveling alone, your safety should be of prime concern. Awareness and a bit of street-smarts are the keys to safe and happy travels. Solo travel is fun, challenging, vivid, and exhilarating

Whale Watching in The South Atlantic

  Whale watching tours to the remote South Atlantic archipelagos of The Falkland Islands and Tristan de Cunha provide whale watching enthusiasts with some exciting viewing of whales at play, performing tail antics, spouting water showers and leaping high in the air then flopping back into the water with an enormous splash. These whale watching trips in the South Atlantic provide wonderful memories for tourists.   Whale watching in the Falkland Islands is very special.

Northern Tanzania Travel Guide

Northern Tanzania is one of the most favoured destinations for vacations and safaris. This region is near the border of Kenya and it boasts of plenty of magnificent attractions such as the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Great Rift Valley and so many more. Northern Tanzania is the perfect destination if you want to see a wide variety of wildlife.

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