Snorkeling with friends is best!

Solo Travel Destinations – Fiji, Not Just for Honeymooners

If you are searching for solo travel destinations, take a look at Fiji. It is not just for honeymooners but is filled with multiple active adventure options for single travelers. From swimming with sharks to rappelling down 300 feet to trying out “Zorbing”, this is a great trip for everyone, including those traveling alone.

The Great Wall Trek and Zip Line Home-China Travel Article

Seventy kilometers from Beijing is a fifteen mile segment of the Great Wall in China, often described as: perilous, crumbling, diverse, artful, and peculiar. Our adventure journey began at five A.M. and included a day of hot hiking across one of the world’s great wonders, and ended with a three minute descent on one of the world’s most dangerous zip lines. Join me to experience the Great Wall, the people, the hike and the thrill of travel.

Top 7 Tips to Be Safe While Traveling Alone

Most of us love to travel. We need to be extra careful and take some steps if we are traveling alone. This write up provides a guideline on traveling alone.

Coonoor – A Must Watch Destination in South India Hill Stations

Anchored in Nilgiri Hills, Coonoor is one of the most charming hill stations in South India know for its bio-diversity, panoramic views, rolling tea estates, salubrious climate and mist-laden peaks. Seated just about 17 kms from Ooty, this south Indian hill station is often called to as the twin of Ooty and rivals the “Queen of Hills” in awe-inspiring panoramic exquisiteness.

Items To Pack For Your Adventure Trekking Holidays

What are adventure trekking holidays? To understand the meaning of this phrase, it becomes important to understand the meaning of term ‘trek’.

Halloween Horror Nights Fest – The Scariest of All Fright Fests

Among the most celebrated Halloween festivals worldwide, the one held at the Universal Studios Orlando is the scariest of them all. Truly, it’s no surprise that the Halloween Horror Nights Fest is a flagship theme park event that brings to life the best of attractions that horror has to offer today. Whether it’s the top of the line scare zones and haunted houses with some of the biggest names in the horror industry or the scariest sights and encounters all across the park, the outrageous live shows or the many incredible and pulse-pounding surprises and thrilling actions, the special annual event…

Top Melbourne Destinations and Restaurants

I have been lucky enough to travel to Melbourne thrice as a tourist, so now I kind of consider myself an expert with plenty of information about the city. In all the visits, I discovered new places, restaurants and cafes. When my friend and I boarded our business class flights to Melbourne, we never knew this Australian city would become such a special place for us.

Orlando Theme Parks Are At Their Festive Best During Halloween

Every year Halloween brings ample opportunities to celebrate the favorite occasion all across the globe, but the fun and thrills as offered by the world famous Orlando theme parks in this regard is more than just impressive. Nowhere in the world Halloween is celebrated in such innovative and incredibly intensive way. During the special occasion, the parks here transform into most happening festive destinations ever.

Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano in Tanzania and has the highest peak in Africa and is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, but despite its height it requires no special equipment or technical skills to climb. Despite this it is still a very difficult trek, less then 50% of trekkers actually make it to the Uhuru summit. The peak at 5,895 metres (19,341 feet) above sea level can be reached on foot.

Kinkaku-Ji (The Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto

Nothing is as symbolic of Kyoto as Kinkaku-ji’s golden reflection shimmering on the surface of the pond before it. A lot of people should be familiar with such a picture appeared on postcards and guidebook.

Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba – An Amazing Circus Spectacle

Blessed with the world’s most incredible acts of acrobats and live performances, the Cirque du Soleil La Nouba show probably offers the best entertainment option of its kind in Florida. The one of a kind avant-garde circus spectacle is in fact a true inspiration to celebrate life in a way not possible in mundane world today. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of what an impressively innovative circus has to offer.

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