Snorkeling with Family in PR

Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp – Your Ultimate Trip Of A Lifetime Experience!

The majestic Himalayas have always called hikers and adventures from across the globe. They provide a mix of physical challenge, cultural immersion in another world, and stunning amazing contrasts of scenery that will fill your senses with all kinds of new experiences.

Hiking Vacations – A Great Way to Unwind!

The idea of a great vacation will vary depending on what you are looking for experience and cost wise. Just because hikes are outdoorsy and sound adventurous, it doesn’t mean they can’t be relaxing! Here are some holiday hiking ideas to refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Overseas Adventure Holidays, Travel and Heal Your Soul

Adventure travel takes you away from the hum drum or hectic life that seems to envelope us in our western lifestyles. Sometimes we yearn for something more, to stimulate our senses and shake us out of our robotic routines. This is why I love to travel.

The Devils Lake – A Hidden Treasure in the Dominican Republic

A hidden lake in the Dominican Republic called the Devils lake is quite hard to find. It took us a few towns and many questions before we found someone who would take us into the unknown to find this majestic lake.

Disney World Without the Rides Is Still a Magical Delight

Ever since it’d greeted the first guest back in the seventies, WDW (Walt Disney World) Resort never looks back. Truly, the magical Orlando Resort is the most visited and beloved theme park destination in the world today. Packed with an incredible, ever-evolving array of fun and entertainment choices it brings to life the dreams of millions since inception.

The Interesting History of Shipwrecks Around Florida

I recently mentioned to someone that I would be leaving for Florida for a few weeks, and they asked where I would be fishing. I don’t do much fishing anymore; I prefer to spend my time playing golf. But it does point out just how important water plays with people who live and visit in Florida. And it has been that way since the time Spanish explorers began using the waterways around the state.

Experiencing Hervey Bay in a Unique Way

Thinking of flying to the beautiful country of Australia this summer? Why not choose the equally wonderful city of Hervey Bay and take the Fraser Island one day tours for a start?

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Keoladeo National Park)

Migratory birds such as Chinese coots, Saras cranes, pelicans and many more from the Indian sub-continent made it their home in the winter months. But successive poor monsoons and a disruption in the release of water from the Pachna Dam led to severely-depleted water levels, which forced migratory birds to find newer havens. However, environmentalists, ornithologists and the UNESCO raised the alarm, which led to the resolution of the Pachna Dam issue in September 2010.

Lessons To Learn From The People Of China

China was never on my list of countries to visit, so when I was offered a 5 day holiday (compliments of my daughter, all expenses paid), I could hardly say no. I can’t recall ever hearing anything positive about China so my mind was set not to expect much from this country.

Options for Kilimanjaro Trekking

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest free standing mountain, measuring 5895 meters above sea level. It is also one of the greatest touristic attractions in Tanzania, being quite the appeal for audacious tourists in search of a lifetime adventure. There are several Kilimanjaro trekking routes available for those who wish to stand on the roof of Africa. There are also many travel agencies and tour operators that organize treks to the summit of the mountain, which comes as a great advantage to tourists, as they can enjoy this rewarding experience with the help of proficient and experienced guides.

Exciting Ideas for Holidays

Going on trips and seeing the world represents a hobby for most people. There are many individuals out there that are simply in love with traveling and cannot stay still. If you are part of this group, then you will find it relaxing to read a bit about this topic. Furthermore, for those adventurous travelers out there, the ideas found in what follows will surely be a real treat. The most fascinating part about traveling experiences in general is that you get the best of each culture.

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