Snorkeling with @Champion Snorkel in Puerto Rico

Jaguar Tours: Discover the Pantanal

Jaguars are renowned for their beauty, their prowess and their elusiveness – which leaves some wondering what their chances of sightings are on Jaguar tours. Very high, in fact, if two factors are considered: a trusted guide, and the right location.

Visiting the Churches of Venice

When you land near the city at one of its two airports, a quick and simple ride on a Venice airport boat will deliver you into the very heart of the city, cruising up the Grand Canal and taking you to the main destinations in the city or directly to your hotels. This cuts down on the travel time into the city and allows you more time to spend experiencing the sights, history and culture of this amazing city.

Your First Oregon Pelagic Birding Trip: When Is the Best Time?

Attending your first pelagic birding trip is very exciting. There are seabird tours offered throughout the year, though. So, when is the best time to take an Oregon pelagic trip and what will you see?

Visiting the Kalahari and Okavango Delta on a Botswana Safari

Why Choose a Botswana Safari? Africa is one of the most wonderful places on earth to visit, and by booking a Botswana safari holiday, you can get to see some of the most amazing sights and animals in the world. Not many people realise how beautiful the scenery around Botswana is, and so it is relatively untouched by tourist trades.

New Zealand Hosts a Menagerie of Attractions for Every Type of Traveller

New Zealand is known worldwide as the adrenaline chasers dream, but as well as that, it hosts a menagerie of attractions for every type of traveller. From the couple on their honeymoon wanting to relax, the businessman looking to do something different, the family with children of all ages, or the adrenaline junkie wanting to experience the trip of a life time, you need look no further.

Hanoi Annoyance – The Tour Guide From Hell

Cycling between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has it’s challenges – one of which is surviving the unpredictable tour guide. Our tour guide, a Vietnamese veteran of cycling tours was moody, uncommunicative and frequently rude. However, I really didn’t expect he would almost get us killed.

Unravelling the Mystery of the Diff Lock!

‘If you start sinking and are feeling like you are getting stuck, just select the low ratio gears and put the diff lock on’ – that about sums up the 4×4 training that I have had in the past! After numerous self drive safaris and yes, getting stuck on a few occasions, I decided that before my upcoming trip to the Kalahari I should get some more formal 4×4 training.

Experience Adventure – Bungy Jumping In New Zealand

For almost any kind of holiday, New Zealand manages to offer something to suit. If you aren’t content with a few days at the beach and a regular vacation, maybe you’d like to try something a little bit more exciting… Home to the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown, and with plenty of beautiful scenery to throw yourself into up and down the country, New Zealand is known as one of the top spots for bungy jumping. Instead of taking an average tour of the two islands, why not book your stay in Aotearoa by travelling from jump to jump? Check out these locations and dive into a thrilling adventure.

Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Animal Adventures

Finding things to do in Sydney with kids on the weekend or during school holidays doesn’t need to be difficult. If your children love animals and you are looking somewhere interesting to take them, then check out the following awesome places. Taronga Zoo Bradleys Head Road, Mosman This is probably the first place that springs to mind, when you think of taking your kids to see the animals and rightfully so.

Fort Jesus – The Coastal Tourism Paradise

Known as Mombasa’s most popular tourist fascination, Fort Jesus is probably the country’s best preserved piece of history. Built in 1593 by Portuguese, this fort has withstood the test of time, wind and water.

Adventure Sports Destinations Of India

If you could visit three astounding destinations of the ‘Natural World’ – which would you choose? The Grand Canyon in America for canyoning towering gorges? Benxi River in China for frozen-river trekking?

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