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5 Reasons to Vacation in Mexico

Adventure travel sounds like a great idea, but you only have a few days of vacation. Mexico has the answer for all of your destination desires. Close by and easy to get to, Mexico is the perfect choice for a quick vacation that will also include adventure and even romance.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica – A Gifted Place With Natural Abundance

Costa Rica is famous for its wide range of amazing natural surroundings and stunning landscapes. It has something to offer to everyone – from the nature lovers to seekers of thrills and adventures, from hikers to fishing lovers, and from explorers of tropical jungle to rafters of white water. Among the tourist destinations in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio deserves special attention for its green forests, vivid landscapes, and monkeys swinging in the trees. The Caribbean blue waters and the hills covered with jungles make the charming buffs a photo ready backdrop. For any outdoor enthusiast, the place offers a list of adventures.

A Kenya Safari to Lake Turkana

As the world’s largest alkaline lake, Lake Turkana is well worth a visit on a Kenya safari holiday. Due to its location in the northern region of Kenya, it isn’t always chosen as a safari destination which is a shame as it has an impressive landscape and is of important significance.

Capsized on the Indian Ocean

I have just returned from a brief vacation in Sri Lanka that was supposed to be relaxing but, in one respect at least, turned out to be quite hair-raising: I nearly drowned! After a couple of days of swimming regularly in the Indian Ocean, I was offered the chance to go out on a fishing trip with a group of Sri Lankan fishermen. At first I hesitated, but then, as so often before, the thrill of a new experience asserted itself and I agreed.

Family Reigns Supreme on a Family Holiday in India

Relationships, family orientation and group harmony are a few top cultural values in India. And why should you know this? Well, not many people consider India a great destination for family holidays.

When Is the Best Time to Go On Safari Holidays?

The best time to go on safari holidays in Africa will depend upon many factors including the country you want to visit and what time in the year you are able to take your trip. It may be that you wish to see a certain species of wildlife or take part in a specific activity in a certain country and there may be a better time of year to do so.

Tips for Taking Photos on a Botwana Safari

The visions you have experienced on a Botswana safari will be forever engraved within your memory, however isn’t it great to look back at photos in ears to come? This is why it is extremely important to take a good camera and capture a variety of shots on your safari.

The Alpine Experience – The Vanoise National Park

Whether it is a gentle stroll, challenging trek or a ramble through spectacular mountain scenery, walking in France provides endless choice. The unblemished beauty of the Alps is exemplified in the dramatic valleys that divide the serene mountain peaks and the crystal clear streams that feed the many high-altitude lakes dotting the landscape. The Vanoise National Park in the Haute Savoie region is still relatively undiscovered and yet the opportunities to walk are plentiful.

Explore the Romance of the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is the perfect backdrop to a holiday that embraces walking in France. The elegant chateaux complement the spectacular countryside.

How Silt Gets Into Sukhna Lake

Every year, a large number of assemble at the dry end of the Sukhna Lake and volunteer to save the pride of Chandigarh (City Beautiful), Union Territory, India, from being silted up. This artificial lake created in 1958 as a landmark of the city, has in the past 54 years shrunk by two-thirds of its original size.

Dream-Vacation Canada

There is no greater joy and excitement and thrill of adventure than travelling with someone you love. Call it a great escapade, an astounding hide away, a romantic sojourn to places I knew only in books, movies and maps, but it was a vacation I will remember for a lifetime.

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