Snorkeling in San Juan PR (cloudy day)

Juma Lodge: Amazon Family Adventure at Its Best

Couched in pristine and largely untouched rainforest on the banks of Lake Juma, the Juma Amazon Lodge provides authentic and eco-friendly accommodation in the heart of the Amazon. Made en-tirely of local materials and using indigenous building methods, the lodge is designed to work in har-mony with and minimize impact on the surrounding environment. To get to the lodge after landing in Manaus, start your adventure with either a 25 minute hydroplane ride or a 3 hour boat ride deep into the Amazon forest.

Thrilling and Electrifying Visit to Kaziranga National Park

Our planet is full of wonders and the living creatures are the greatest creativity of nature. As a human being it is our moral duty to save and preserve nature’s masterpieces. With revolutionary changes natural environment is deteriorating day by day and to save the environment many sanctuaries and wild life reserves have been established.

Adventure Travel in Malaysia

Malaysia travel guide packed with tips and advice and useful information on activities and adventures. Find out what you need to see and do find out and what’s hot right now. This is a one stop travel destination guide so you can plan your travel adventure with ease.

Adventure Trekking in Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest is one of the most spectacular as well as exciting sights of the world and the Everest base camp trek is a great adventure. The Himalayan trek will be the most memorable experience of a lifetime. Mount Everest is situated at Khumbu which is at an altitude of 8848m.

Experiencing Baja Aboard a Fishing Trawler, A Gringa Takes the Helm

A gringa lives for a period of time in a small fishing village in southern Baja, and is taken in by a motley crew of Mexican fisherman. She finds herself falling in love with the whole Baja journey and experiencing life aboard a beat up shrimping trawler in the Gulf of California. The struggle with the decision to leave looms on the horizon, as she continues her adventure on the sea.

Top 3 Hidden Historic Attractions in Lincolnshire

We all come across reviews and articles rating top attractions in the UK but finding local historic attractions isn’t always that easy. We have all been recommended a visit to the famous Big Ben, Madame Tussaud’s Museum or Chatsworth estate but there are many other historic places which seem to be more ‘hidden’.

Exemplary Scuba Diving in The Maldives for an Unforgettable Encounter With Thriving Marine Live

If you’re an avid diver of if you’ve never dived before, The Maldives are a great place to practice your favourite underwater hobby or learn a new skill by taking scuba diving lessons and embarking on unique scuba diving adventures. Offering the most pristine conditions for the most amazing scuba diving opportunities you’ll ever come across, to go on Maldives holidays and not to dive is almost a sin. If you don’t try scuba diving during your time in the Maldives you will be missing out on the most awesome underwater experiences of a lifetime.

See Another World: Dive in the Underwater Sculpture Museum of Cancun

If you think you’ve done it and seen it all in Cancun, we may have a surprise for you. For a unique experience during enriching Cancun holidays for sea lovers, the MUSA Underwater Sculpture Museum in Cancun will fascinate you with its unique underwater collection of art pieces, thriving amidst coral life and providing the most awe-inspiring diving experience you’ve ever had. For something different in Cancun, this unique museum is definitely worth a visit.

Camp and Travel the USA Inexpensively!

Wouldn’t it be great to camp, travel and live anywhere in the United States you want on a small budget? Well a couple and his wife have been doing just that for years. They have an adventurous, romantic life, filled with adventure and travel. You can too!

Family Safari Holidays in Africa

Family safari holidays in Africa are suitable for children between 3 and 13 years old. No matter what age, your children will get to discover African culture, see dynamic wildlife and gain a true sense of adventure. There are many safari camps and lodges in Africa that cater for families with specifically designed rooms, facilities and activities.

Services That Can Be Expected On Board A High End Rail Car

Most luxury rail journeys are not cheap, they are priced at a level which makes them a somewhat elitist option. If you are interested in traveling through scenic landscapes with like-minded individuals, you should ensure that you book a trip on a tour that matches your expectations in terms of quality of service.

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