Snorkeling in San Juan

What Does A Mountain, A Volcanic Rock And The Deep Blue Sea Have In Common?

What do writers and authors think about when they are on holiday? Well, for me, I think about the environment and the inspiration that I can draw from it. An inspirational thought that came to me when I was on holiday with my daughter in Madeira 2011. I was so inspired; I was compelled to write it all down:-

Off-Road Adventures

This article summarises some of the best off-road adventures to be had across South America. Ensure to tailor your bespoke adventure around your wishes, and at your own pace.

Big Cat Tracking in South America

This article discusses some of the best places to visit in South America for big cat tracking. Seek puma, ocelet, and other fascinating big cats in some relatively unexplored regions of the continent.

The Best Fishing Destinations In Australia – West Moore Island

West Moore Island is located half way (about 1.5 hours drive) between Karratha and Port Headland in Western Australia’s northern Pilbara region.

African Safari Supplies – Essentials For Your Safari in Africa

An African Safari should be the adventure of a lifetime. On return, you will have great tales, camp fire stories and photos to cherish. For your safari adventure to be a success, you need to plan well in advance. It’s nowhere close to just popping on a plane and arriving with everything taken care of. You will need visas, vaccinations, medications, proper clothing and supplies to make your safari a success. This article will provide the knowledge you need for planning and enjoying your African Safari.

8 Must See Temples in the Angkor Achaeological Park, SIem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor which means “great city” was the capital of the Khmer Empire, an empire that once flourished and had a stronghold over Southeast Asia. The ruins of the ancient city can be found in the province of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The site has become a major tourist attraction because of several breathtaking temples within what is now the Angkor Archaelogical Park. Some of the structures date back to the 9th century. Below are the most popular and most touristy temples in the park:

Magnificent Rift Valley And Lakes Of Kenya

Explore the magnificent Rift Valley and Lakes Of Kenya. 40 million years of volcanic activity has given rise to the most unique landscape on this planet. Diverse and beautiful, the lakes, Rift Valley and people of Kenya touch your soul. Very few Western people have been lucky enough to have traveled to the Rift Valley and yet our earliest ancestors roamed the Rift Valley over 1.6 million years ago. Visit the Northern part of Kenya’s Rift Valley, meet the friendly people and spend a few days in Lodwar. On leaving and looking back you will forever say with joy “My heart is in Turkana.”

6 Unforgettable Activities to Do in Fraser Island

Many people are working hard to sustain the needs of their family. These are dedicated and committed people who show concern and care to their loved ones. Essentially, these individuals have a lot of work to do and early retirement is not an option for them.

Travel – Fishing In Australia – Kimberley Coastal Camp

The Kimberley Coastal Camp is one of the most exclusive travel fishing destinations in the top end of Australia. Isolated and pristine, the focus is on creating an intimate atmosphere while reducing impact on the local environment.

Hervey Bay – Things to Do That You Can’t to Other Tourist Spots

Usually when you go on a vacation, you would think of place that will give you that once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Who wouldn’t want that? Our lives are sometimes filled with monotonous events that it’s good to take a step on a different place and experience different things. The more unorthodox things you are able to do with less spatial involvement, the better. It’s basically what gives you the kick.

Choosing the Right Travel Gear for Your Backpacking Adventure

If you want to protect both your life, limb, and gadgets in your next backpacking in the wild, be sure to get only the best and most dependable gear. This article presents helpful tips when shopping for travel gear.

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