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Find Adventure in Mendoza

A walk in the mountains has plenty of alternatives to build your own quiet or exciting adventure, whether for couples, families or friends. Rafting, kayaking, hydrospeed for thrill seekers and the rides combined for relaxation, contemplation and an encounter with nature.

Indian Holiday Packages: Best Way To Explore

India has always been the pivot for many globe trotters. There are many places, cities, states in the country which have draw people form around the world.

Only in Bolivia (1)

A humorous list of thirty everyday occurrences which could only happen in Bolivia. These are factual based upon the author’s own experiences in the country.

What to Do in Oman

Traveling to an Eastern Country such as Oman may take your breath away. The city lights after hours are as beautiful as any city in the night. Whether you’re here on business or pleasure there are many ways to spend your time. One particularly fun item on anyone’s to do list is to visit the Bahla Fort. Made completely from sandstone this Fort was not always so beautiful. In the late 1980’s the Bahla Fort was in major disrepair. It is at this time the Fort was abducted into the World History Sites List. This list contained more History sites, but the Bahla Fort is the only one of its kind in Oman.

Oman Travel

Whether you live in Oman or you have flown in for a week or two there is nothing more serene than traveling through Oman. The canvas spread before you as you tour the surrounding cities makes every city worth the visit. Here’s some popular places and things you may want to do while you visit in Oman.

Tanzania Vacation: What Awaits You There?

A lot of people out there are rearing to have a wonderful Tanzania vacation: seeing the wildebeest along the savannah; climbing up the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro; experiencing the culture of the Masai warrior tribes; and indulging with the beauty of nature that the exotic beaches along the spice islands of Zanzibar can offer.

Motorhoming in Winter: A Motorhome Advice Guide

With the ever improving standard of motorhome living facilities and increasingly sophisticated systems for hot water, heating, insulation and drive, it’s no wonder that more and more motorhomers are taking to the roads during winter months – whatever the weather. This guide will outline the preparations and precautions that need to be taken into consideration when motorhoming in winter.

Aruba Expedition Via Horseback – What’s Better?

Vacationing in Aruba proves to be more than lying around on the beach. Mount a horse with the whole family and enjoy great beach and hillside scenery!

Chardham Yatra – The Most Popular Pilgrimage Tour in India

Char dham yatra is said to be the journey to the moksha & door to the spirituality. Considered as the holiest & popular pilgrimage tour in India, Char dham yatra is splitted into four Dhams i.e. destinations – Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri & Yamnotri.

Living in a Traditional Turkish Village

On arriving at the village, Kudeze, which is nestled under the spectacular Taurus mountain range, the first thing that attracts your attention is the amount of hens, roosters, ducks, geese and turkeys with the odd dog and cat thrown in for good measure, which are wandering around the narrow lanes that pose as streets of the village. Some of the roads have recently been tarred and others are gravel that are often edged with wild black current and other berry vines. A dry stony creek bed runs through the centre which is an off shoot from the dry river you…

Germany Travel Tip – Biking Through the Stillach Valley

A fun bicycle trip in Germany through the Stillachtal (near Oberstdorf): Take some time to observe this beautiful chapel. Look at the frescoes that are dated back to the 1700s in the Appachkapelle. The Marienkapelle showcases the most beautiful rococo altar in the upper Allgau as well as other beautiful art.

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