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Fun Facts About Catamarans

If going out to sea, then why not travel by Catamaran? These are beautiful boats clearly marked by their width. Made up of two hulls joined together by a frame, catamarans stay close to the water and are able to move through it with great speed.

Road Trip Across Europe

Have you ever been on a cross country road trip through the States? Europe has plenty of fun and interesting roadside attractions, too.

Trek to Machu Picchu

Peru is a country located in South America and is divided into 25 regions. It gained independence from its conqueror in 1821, but it still suffers from political unrest. Peru is also known for being the home of the Incas. The country’s main economic activities are fishing, mining, agriculture and production of textiles.

South America Travel Destination, Information, and Places to See

This article is for people who travel or are thinking about taking a vacation in South America. This will give you some information and ideas on destinations in South America and things to do.

Machu Picchu Trips – Planning Suggestions

Want to go on an exciting and extreme adventure? Wait no longer! Come to Peru–the country with rich culture and lots of things to discover. Peru is famous for Machu Picchu, a mountain of great mystery.

An Indian Safari – The Experience of a Lifetime

This article describes the diverse and delightful locations that tourists can visit on an Indian wildlife safari. It also covers the various options that are available to visitors, both Indian and international, in terms of the types of safaris and facilities available.

Choosing Your Destinations and Itinerary for European Travel

Many Americans and people from other countries have an urge to travel to Europe at some point in their lives. After the initial excitement of deciding to go, many become overwhelmed at all that is involved in planning an itinerary. Many of us hear stories and see pictures from other people’s trips and want our trips to be like theirs or we make the mistake of assuming that everyone’s trips to Europe look the same.

Cultural Photography in the Sacred Valley and Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco, Peru, the ancient capital of the Incan empire, is one of the top travel destinations in South America. Travelers flock to this famous Peruvian city to witness and photograph its mix of Incan and Spanish colonial architecture and visit Incan ruins both in and outside of Cuzco. Although the Spanish melted down the incredible gold and silver artifacts and sculptures of the Coricancha temple long ago, Cuzco, Peru and the nearby Sacred Valley still offer up a treasure trove of cultural photography opportunities.

Macro Photography in the Amazon Jungle of Peru

The Amazon jungle or Amazon rainforest is the largest area of lowland rainforest in the world and one of the last great wilderness areas on Earth. Many people think of Brazil when they hear the word “Amazon” but there are also huge areas of trackless, primary rainforest in several other South American countries, including Peru. Some of the wildest and most diverse areas of the Amazon are found within Peru’s borders.

Peru’s Diversity Attracts Photographers

The photographer is a special breed of traveler. Enticed by objects and scenery that others may overlook, travel photographers search for that special place where they can find one amazing sight after another, and as the word spreads about the beauty of Peru, one of South America’s many gems, more and more avid photographers – both amateur and professional – have been heading there for a photo safari, intent on capturing the diversity of the country. They enjoy Peru tours that take them to a variety of destinations – from the vibrant neighborhoods of Lima, to the Inca sites of…

Bird Photography in Peru

Bird Photography on the Coast of Peru Visitors to the Peruvian coast on photography tours are welcomed by a steady, salt-tinged breeze that comes off the steel-gray and golden panorama that is otherwise known as the Pacific Ocean. The cries of thousands of seabirds and sea lions that fish the rich waters of this dramatic, desert coast carry over the waves and emanate from the mists that occasionally hang suspended over the cold Humboldt currents. The scenery contrasts dramatically with a turn of the head as a textured, life-filled sea is replaced by silent sands of the visually…

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