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Getting Ready for Adventure Travels

Adventure travel is exciting and fun. Given the chance, time, and money, people will most often go out for some adventure travels to the country’s or world’s gorgeous destinations. Traveling alone or together with a group of friends and loved ones, you will be super eager to carry on your bags and luggage and fly over or take a long ride towards your marked adventure spot. Also, with camera hanging over your shoulders or a video recorder, your entire travel experience will truly be full of adventure and complete for the next return trips.

Exploring Antarctica, The Drake Passage

The sun hung low over the distant watery horizon, as it always does in the Drake Passage. Here it barely rises into a gray cold sky. It struggled to make a shallow ark. It cast a golden glow about the ship; the M/V Ushuaia. The thick polar atmosphere tempered its fearsome fires, reducing it to a feeble creature. And dark gray clouds released it only occasionally from their grip.

Germany Travel Tip – Cruise the River Spree, A Great Way to Explore a Great City

A wonderful way to experience Germany’s capital city is by taking a cruise on the River Spree. Whether you’re planning a shorter or longer stay, a cruise along the Spree will give you a unique and leisurely opportunity to admire the sights of Berlin.

Should You Go On a Gap Year: Benefits and Drawbacks

A gap year sounds almost too good to be true to most of us. It’s a year spent between high school and college traveling the world and soul searching. Learning a new language or new slang. Falling in love with an exotic locale (and maybe a few new strangers you meet along the way). And the most important part: bragging to all your friends about it.

Teaching English Abroad

The romance of traveling abroad is exciting. It stimulates the senses. Those lucky few who teach English abroad are able to both work and travel to exotic destinations across the globe.

World Travel Map – A Friend and a Tool

World travel map collectors have long known how nice it is to sit in the comfort of your own home and gaze at the wide world without having to get out of their easy chairs. A world travel map is a wonderful gift or thing to dream over whether you are a traveler or a dreamer. Everyone has had the experience of first realizing that a map wasn’t just a picture or illustration but an actual representation of the wide world. In terms of childhood fantasies, many an explorer, vagabond, or traveler got their start by gazing at the world travel maps which came each month in the National Geographic magazine.

Medical Missions: A Desire to Help Others

Every year hundreds of people chose to leave their homes and loved ones to go and volunteer to help their fellow man. Many are doctors, dentists, nurses, or lay persons with the heart to just want to help. The areas they go to may have been ravaged by a natural disaster or are poverty stricken areas. Their reason to go may vary but most go with just a desire to help the local residents.

Rajasthan India Tourist Travel Guide

Rajasthan is the largest state in India and a world famous tourist destination. Tourists from around the world often visit the state’s most colorful and dynamic.

Kerala Tourist Destinations

Every individual will be having some dream destination which they intend to visit one day. It can be one of the most beautiful locations in the world or can be any place with historic importance.

Top Ten World Travel Destinations For Vagabonds

Top ten world travel destinations lists are pretty easy to find on the internet. There are lots of them too. Top ten world travel destinations for families, top ten travel destinations for adventure, top ten world travel destinations for business, etc. I figured it was time to throw out the ultimate top ten world travel destinations list. Without any further ado, I introduce the Top Ten World Travel Destinations for Vagabonds. These are the top ten places where you can live cheap, travel easily, and move along whenever the mood strikes you.

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