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5 Reasons Why Camping And Canoeing Make A Great Trip Away

Combining canoeing and camping together to make a few days away is something millions of people do every year, and with good reason. When camping and canoeing you have so much freedom to see and do what you want to, without being restricted or tied down to just one area or location.

Pick Pockets and Art Markets in Democratic Republic of Congo Africa

I found myself on a plane on the way to the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Africa, to do some work for the UN. This is one of the poorest countries in the world and I had been told nothing but horror stories from everyone I know. From government websites warning me not to go to friends and family members looking me in the eyes and solemnly saying “be careful York”.

Take the Family on a Botswana Safari

For anyone looking for an exciting vacation, Botswana is an excellent choice in destination. Located in the southern part of Africa, Botswana offers a unique experience that will be sure to amaze you.

The Ngorongoro Crater – An Ancient Haven

Welcome to Tanzania; land of the vast Serengeti plains, the scene every year of the huge wildebeest migration. Home of the Ngorongoro Crater, plunging 8000 feet into the very heart of Africa where flamingos turn the waters of the salt lake shallows pink from the reflection of their wings. This is African safari country, full of natural wonders and spectacular game, waiting for you to discover them.

Enjoy Adventure Holidays in Sikkim

Welcome to the Himalayan land called Sikkim, where you will find a unique landscape, fast flowing rivers and lakes, nurtured varieties of flora and fauna and different animal species. Sikkim is such a unique place where you will find every reason for an adventurous trip and can make your imagination come true.

Campervans, Exploration Personified

It’s morning. You’re sipping a cup of coffee overlooking a quiet lake. The air is crisp and fingers of sunlight are barely clearing the horizon. Except for the wake created by the loons as they cruise looking for breakfast, the water is mirror-still…

Kids Learn More at Summer Camps for Horseback Riding Than How to Ride Horseback

Are you planning on sending your child on a summer camp horseback riding adventure? Besides the obvious skills of learning how to ride horseback there are many other things your child can learn and benefit from. Your child may even enjoy horseback riding so much that they encourage a new family activity and even decide on a career path.

The Healesville Sanctuary and the Rainforest Gallery of Yarra Valley

Healesville Sanctuary and the Rainforest Gallery are two other reasons why people visit Yarra Valley. Aside from the unquestionably excellent food and wine that visitors rave about during their trip to the famous winemaking region, these attractions blessed by nature are also a crowd-drawer in the area.

Yarra Valley Events – Healesville Railway Heritage, Cuban Jazz and Other Festivals

Yarra Valley events are not just about wine-tasting affairs and food festivals. The happenings in this spectacular vacation destination in Victoria also involve the country’s arts, culture and heritage. Among those that draw locals and tourists alike are the Annual Healesville Railway Heritage Festival, Yarra Valley Open Studios, and jazz concerts.

Kakum National Park Canopy Walk

Kakum National Park is a Cape Coast favorite for tourists traveling to Ghana, Africa. While the park itself is nice, it is a bit disappointing that visitors are not allowed to wander around on their own or go off the main trail. However, the canopy walk is worth the trip.

Why A Family Safari Is More Than Just A Holiday For Your Kids

A good safari operator will know a thing or two about what families want from their trip and also that the luxury safaris they offer are the best way for a family to enjoy Africa together. Perfect for the enquiring minds of the young and young at heart, a safari opens up a whole world of wonder to all the family.

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