Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

Three of the Best Experiences on Safaris in Tanzania

Safaris in Tanzania offer much more than wilderness and wildlife, and one of the most amazing attractions available to you is the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Africa’s highest mountain stands at 19,340 feet above sea-level and has long been a favourite with adventure seekers and safari enthusiasts in Tanzania.

Tourist Places in India

Tourist places in India are always a great attraction for tourists all over the world. Tourist places includes heritage buildings, wild life sanctuary, natural site seeing and many more.

The Craziest Festivals in Spain

We all know that the Spanish love to enjoy themselves and the most extravagant display of this desire to have fun is embodied in their popular annual festivals, or “ferias” as known in Spanish, that take place in nearly all of the villages and towns throughout Spain. Some of these carnivals have deep historical and religious roots and others are more modern and are just about having fun. Yet one thing is for sure, the festivals that I am about to talk about are completely bizarre and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Private African Safari Holidays: The Way to Live Your Dream Safari Experience

Why should you consider going on a private African safari holiday? Here are some very good reasons why you definitely should.

Top 20 Must Have Accessories for Living in a Motorhome Full Time

As someone who lives full time in a motorhome in the UK I want to let others know about what is essential for this lifestyle. I hope you enjoy reading all about living in a motorhome / RV / campervan.

Farmstays – Best of New Zealand’s Sustainable Tourism

Somehow the very thought of a farm stay in New Zealand reminds me of the whole City vs. Country Mouse story. Now, chances are if you’re reading this now you’re old enough to have at least heard about the story of the City Mouse and the Country Mouse, if not having read it.

New Zealand Adventure Travel: Rotorua Unveiled

Rotorua lies along a geothermal area with rushing geysers, active volcanoes, and sulphur vents-these last ones giving the place its, ah, distinct aroma. Don’t worry about it, you’ll get used to it; especially if you’re traveling along the Thermal Explorer Highway, or to enjoy one of the city’s spas that offers massages, and mud wraps.

Best Vacation Spot for Families: Things to Love About Cancun

Cancun is the right vacation destination to bond with your whole family. Although the greater fraction of individuals thinks it is an extraordinary place for nightlife entertainment predominantly, Cancun offers entertainment of various ranges, including family-oriented options.

Historical Sites in Lexington, Kentucky: Trailblazing in the Bluegrass State

Kentucky is rich in trailblazing history, both of heroic frontier men and women who ventured into the virgin Kentucky wilderness and prominent men and women who rose to build the great nation of the United States. Lexington made its mark on the growing nation and evidence of its historic past can be found in numerous historical sites throughout the city. Those who travel to this area to relive times of trailblazing through the Bluegrass state will also encounter comfortable and friendly hotels in Lexington, KY.

Tips for Taking Photos on an Africa Safari

The experience encountered on an Africa safari will forever be engrained within your memory. The vast open landscapes, pretty lakes, magnificent mountains and roaming wildlife will leave an imprint in your mind forever, but images as astounding as these cannot be put into words. So that you can truly relive those memories and fully share the experience with others, you need to capture them on film.

A Wedding Venue Made in Heaven

On offer at the Gallery Inn are 22 rooms that are uniquely designed and four honeymoon suites. All across the expanse of the property you will find several sculptures that have been made by the owner of the place Jan D’Esopo. There are also many of his paintings, silk screens as well as water colour based paintings all around. There are few places in the Gallery

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