Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

Top 10 World-Wide Adventure Attractions

Are you looking for some adventure found across the globe? How about adding these 10 World-Wide Adventure Attractions to your bucket list? The world is full of adventure; explore, discover, learn and experience one of these adventures.

Solo Travel Destinations, New Places to Travel Alone, Part 4 Quebec City, Canada

Are you looking for new affordable destinations to travel alone? Quebec City, Canada, offers a variety of both winter sports and year round sight seeing options. For history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts or those looking to take a break from work, Quebec City is the ideal choice. Check it out today and be there just in time for the fall foliage!

Visit Bolivia – Coroico’s Budget Friendly Nature Getaway

The country of Bolivia is probably not a well known place for many tourists probably because it is one of the highest and most remote countries in the world. However, this place on earth is actually one of the best areas to spend a nature getaway.

The Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro

Hikers and climbers from all over the world who are looking at climbing Kilimanjaro are always faced with the challenge of decided on the best time to climb the mountain. I have climbed Kilimanjaro over 15 times. Herewith my advice on the best time to climb.

Experience the Unimaginable Adventure In White Waters of Ganga River

Situated in the foothills of Himalayas, Rishikesh is a holy place that spreads its charms on thousands of tourists and devotees every year. The sacred river Ganga flows through Rishikesh and a dip in the holy water is believed to wash away all the sins.

Indulge In The 5 Best Adventure Activities In Goa

When it comes to picturesque destinations, what is the first thing that comes in your mind? Surely it would be a vacation. But if you are an adventure seeker, you always look for the adventure activities in which you can luxuriate in.

Top Mountain Biking Destinations

Mountain biking can be one of the most fun and exciting activities you can do outdoors. Not only is it great exercise, but mountain biking can be an incredible and memorable adrenaline rush. There are many scenic hiking and trekking trails all over the world, but not many of them will allow mountain bikes to share a trail with people on foot, as it can be dangerous to both parties.

Solo Travel Destinations: New Places to Travel Alone: Part 3: Scotland

Are you looking for a new solo travel destination that is affordable, safe and easy to reach? Look no farther than Scotland. Its long, rich history, opportunities for ecotourism and welcoming spirit will make for a great vacation. To avoid the crowds for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, check it out right away!

Solo Travel Destinations: New Places to Travel Alone: Part 2: Australia

Are you looking for a new solo travel destination that provides multiple options for adventure or just relaxing? Australia provides both and is one of the friendliest and easiest places to travel. If boatless waterskiing is not on your bucket list, hike through the rain forest, snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef, view koalas in the wild or just stroll through Sydney and Melbourne. It’s time to pack your bag and get ready to say G’Day!

What To Do In Boracay Island

Boracay Island is fast becoming one of the world’s premier holiday destinations. Voted the world’s best holiday island in 2012, tourists bear witness to an endless panorama of white sandy beaches and clear blue sea along the slender isle. Although you could stroll around the 10km island within an afternoon, you’ll leave desperate to return for just one last hit. Millions do every year.

Five Things You Need To Know About Ooty – Your Complete Travel Guide

The capital of Nilgiri district, Ooty is the Queen of hill stations, which is also known as ‘The Blue Mountains’. The beautiful Kurunji flowers that bloom every twelve years, spread a blue hue in the valley that bestows the name ‘Blue Mountains’.

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