Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

Arkansas – The Natural State

Welcome to the center of outdoorsman heaven. How much more can an outdoorsman want than what Arkansas has to offer? We call it the Natural State. This is where you can hunt and fish from one end of the state to the other and still have land left over to explore. Whether you are white tail deer hunting in the Ouachita’s or wild turkey hunting in the Ozarks, we have been blessed with bountiful numbers of all kinds of wildlife in this state.

Planning the Perfect Adventure Weekend

With the weather in prime condition and the mountain snow leaving, we’ve been burning up the trail. You think we’d be experts at getting ready for our weekend explorations but we actually suck.

The Lovely English Village of Bibury

The Cotswolds region is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque areas in England. Aside from the surrounding lush countryside, river valley, gorgeous gardens and historic properties, the region captivates you with its beautiful old limestone villages.

Helicopter Tours – Choosing The Best

Helicopter tours can be some of the very best in terms of enjoying a destination from an aerial view that still happens to be the most unique. The tours offer a great way of getting closer to the major attractions in your selected city or destination because you can get closer to attractions such as grand buildings that are simply hard to enjoy from the ground. The helicopter tours also come with other advantages and they include the following.

Why You Should Choose Derbyshire As Your Next Holiday Trip

Feel like taking a break from your hectic work schedule? But, finding something that is equally enjoyable to you and your kids is very difficult.

4 Tips For Diving in Boracay Philippines

Boracay is not exactly as famous for diving as it is for its white, soft sandy beaches. Nonetheless, there are some excellent diving spots at Boracay that you can take advantage of, most of them being around the famous White beach.

La Ceiba Is the Gateway to the Bay Islands of Honduras

Planning a trip to the Bay Islands of Honduras? Regardless of whether you are visiting Roatan, Utila or Guanaja, La Ceiba is the gateway to the Bay Islands of Honduras. Traveling through La Ceiba towards the Bay Islands and not stopping for a couple of nights at the Cangrejal River Valley is like going to the islands and not going out on the beach and swimming in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Totally unacceptable! Do yourself a favor, and plan at least a couple of days in La Ceiba!

Adventure Travel in Central America

Discover Atlantida, the new destination for adventure travel in Central America. Yes you can enjoy the best beaches and islands in the Caribbean with the charm of Central America! Lush tropical rain forests, rugged mountains, lovely Caribbean beaches and outstanding white water rivers are just some of the available activities waiting for you. Discover the Garifuna Culture, awarded intangible human heritage status by UNESCO!.

Best Kayaking and Rafting in Borneo

White water rafting and kayaking are famous and thrilling outdoor activities for friends, families, students and even company outing here in Sabah Borneo! Whether you just want to float calmly or relaxingly down a quiet river, or kayaking a big bay, rowing a tiny lake or possibly just to feel the adrenaline rush when you go down white water rapids, taking up a paddle can absolutely be an eccentric way to enjoy outdoors madness! These adventurous activities improve strength, flexibility as well as your aerobic fitness.

Diving Into the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Who doesn’t wish to explore the unmatched marine life that India has to offer? Scuba Diving in Andaman is something you need to check out for sure, the largest schools of fishes that you can ever find in India. Explore Giant Trevally, Baracudas, Turtles and many more fishes in this unexplored reefs of the Andamans

Papua New Guinea’s Fascinating Fjords

Looking for a remote and adventurous vacation somewhere completely different, visit Papua New Guinea. The fjordlands here are beautiful and the small town of Tufi is the gateway to many magical islands.

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