Snorkeling in Puerto Rico πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·

Top 3 Destinations for an African Safari

An African safari offers the trip of a lifetime, allowing you to experience sights and activities that you will never forget. With so many captivating destinations, it can be difficult to know where to choose for your adventure.

Catering for Families on Safari Holidays

Scores of families choose to embark upon safari holidays every year, and as they are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many, it can be important to get them completely right. The more research you engage in prior to safari holidays, the more able you are to plan a fulfilling, unforgettable trip that leaves no stone unturned.

Colombians Don’t Know How to Walk

This article is about my frustration with how people walk in Medellin, Colombia. There is not much order in the manner in which they walk and I express that in my article. They lock arms and walk together without flinching. They walk on both sides of the street and do not pay attention. They walk while texting, which is done everywhere but Colombians have taken it to a whole new level. Walking in public has become my biggest fear in Colombia.

Moorea Island – Paradise of the Pacific

Like all Polynesian islands, Moorea has its share of folklore. It is told that a golden skinned lizard was abandoned by its human parents, was stranded on the Emeho reef as it swam after them. Merciful gods turned it into the island of Moorea, meaning ‘Golden Lizard’ the true jewels of French Polynesia.

Gap Travel – Great Ideas for Your Gap Travel

Fun and exciting things to do for your gap year. Here are just a few things to consider when you are deciding on your gap travel adventure.

Western Australia Holiday Destinations – Must See and Do

Sure, you may have a dozen places to choose from, but should you consider going to Western Australia instead? Western Australia is the largest state in all of Australia, and the second-largest country subdivision in the family.

Hiking Lessons You Need to Learn Before Going Trekking

While trekking for multiple days in a dangerous way, it is very important to know the problems that may arise and how to deal with them. There are many things that can affect your hiking program.

Planning the Perfect Tanzania Safari Holiday

Traffic can be an undesirable factor when it comes to embarking upon a Tanzania safari. An ideal safari should be peaceful in comparison to our usual hectic everyday lives, and the more serene a safari experience is, the better it is for the vast majority of people.

Recognizing The Appeal And Adventures Of Life On The Open Road

The majority of people chose a conventional way of life – why? It’s easier, they are often unimaginative people, they prefer to stay in the same job, live in the same place and are not interested in experiencing life any differently. But then there are other adventurous types who want to travel the road less travelled.

Elephant Plains Game Lodge – Game Viewing

Elephant Plains, one of the oldest and finest Game Lodge located at the Sabi Sand Reserve, which is currently a part of the National Kruger Park holds more than an Adventure for its visitors. Explore the opportunities that are extensive and the feel that is unmatched, when you receive this place. Read to know the different types of rooms, kinds of Safaris, the geography of the place and the exotic memories that you will get in the Elephant Plains.

A Joyous London Holiday

You just have to keep healthy when you’re visiting London. There are so many interesting and educational places to visit, perhaps you may want to shorten your sleeping time. You must visit the Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth Tower (formerly the Big Ben), Oxford Street and The Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

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