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Bundi – An Ideal Destination for History Lovers

Bundi is one of the most popular cities in this state that is located at the base of a large hill and has a beautiful lake in the center. The tourist attractions of this city include medieval forts, mansions, palaces, and temples. Some popular monuments of this city are mentioned in this article.

Factors to Consider While Packing For a Trip

People love to visit exotic destinations.There are many things to consider when traveling to different countries come under concern.Packing the luggage with care is vital to have a safe and happy journey.

Top Tricks to Plan a Great Trip

Finding people who do not love visiting places is difficult. However, there are many amongst us who avoid going on trips just because they feel it to be a troublesome experience. Planning keeping some tricks in mind helps to get rid of such problems and enjoy the vacation.

First-Aid Kit: Safety First! Be It Trekking or Hiking

In an organized group-trek, you can be assured that your guide will have all the necessary items in a first-aid kit for emergencies. But, it still is a good idea to carry your personal first-aid kit as those contents will have essentials that are customized to your needs and can come handy in various situations. For your personal first-aid kit, make sure you have following items:

Danger of High Adventure – Altitude Sickness

Every year there are thousands of trekkers who make the journey around the world for the sole purpose of finding adventure in the higher altitude. Adventure will certainly be found, but it comes along with dangers posed by such altitudes. One such danger is Altitude sickness, which if ignored or left untreated can be fatal. Trekkers, especially the ones who are trekking in high altitudes for the first time, don’t seem to realize this threat as one that can lead to certain death. Because there are thousands of people who have successfully completed many different treks without much problem, they think it’s easy and don’t realize the gravity of the matter. It is not the same for every individual!

Top 4 Travel Packing Tips

The most significant problem that most people face while visiting a destination is how to pack the essentials. While some carry too less, others carry too much. It is better to follow some tips in order to pack right.

Everest 3 Passes Trek: An Epic Journey Into the Heart of the Himalayas!

The Everest 3 Passes trek is the epitome of true trekking in Nepal. It’s a long and arduous journey that combines some of the highest mountain passes in the world with the Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Lakes Trek and two other treks in the lower Khumbu region. If you want to describe the Everest 3 Passes Trek in one word, it’s – EPIC!

Trekking in the Wild Country – Makalu Base Camp Trek

There are several unique and amazing options for trekking in Nepal, one of which is slowly but steadily garnering much attention in recent years – Makalu Base Camp Trek. Makalu Barun Valley in Nepal is one such place that has its own allure which makes it distinct from other regions in the country. For this uniqueness, many trekkers and adventure-seekers lace up their trekking boots every season. Well, where do I start with the trek that is rapidly being popular as the new Annapurna Circuit Trek!? Let’s just start from the basics.

Everest Marathon: Racing Down World’s Highest Mountain

The idea of a marathon at the base of the Everest was the brainchild of Jan Turner who came up with it in the year 1985 on an expedition to the Everest Base Camp. Everest Marathon may have had a humble beginning, but today it’s recognized worldwide, with enthusiastic trail runners from all corners of the world, flocking to Nepal to be a part of this event. Everest Marathon is the highest marathon in the world, which takes its runners to the altitudes as high as 5,300m above sea-level.

Traveling In Nepal: CULTURE SHOCK

When traveling to a country where you have very little or nothing in common to things back home, experiencing culture shock is quite natural. Especially in Nepal, if you’ve come to trek the glorious mountains or experience Nepal’s unique culture, some things are bound to shock you! Here’s a list of things that might shock you and/or find quirky.

10 Things to Do Before Traveling to Nepal

Nepal is a traveler’s country and a trekker’s paradise. People travel to Nepal from all corners of the world, whether to experience her rich cultural diversity and simple way of life or the abundance of natural beauty she is blessed with. It’s only a matter of time that you would want to see the land in all its glory and what it has to offer for yourself. Traveling to Nepal can be pretty exciting but nerve-wrecking at the same time. In all the excitement and flurry of preparations, here are the 10 things to do before traveling to Nepal.

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