Snorkeling in Halmahera with Kusu Island Resort

A Glimpse Into the Life of a Polar Bear

On Polar Bear watching tours, what will you see? Here is an insight into the daily life of a Polar Bear and what you might observe on a tour.

An Introduction to the Grizzly Bear

Going bear watching in Canada? Here are some basic facts about the magnificent Grizzly Bear to take on board before you go.

Understanding the Intelligence of Bears

Bear tours offer animal enthusiasts the chance to spend time with one of the most beautiful animals on our planet. But these incredible creatures are not only stunning to look at, they are also very intelligent and exhibit some very interesting behaviour as well. In fact, their intelligence is perhaps one of the most remarkable things about them and many experts believe they have the same IQ as that of the Great Apes.

What to Pack When Travelling to Costa Rica

Packing for a package vacation to Costa Rica means bringing a variety of clothes and articles, including some which may stay in the country. Here are some recommendations on what to pack for an adventure in Costa Rica.

Wine Tasting In Golan Heights With An Israel Road Map

Here is what I find out during my Israel Road trip. Sharing my experience is like living those days again. Truly enjoyed my trip.

Knysna – Your Weekend In Paradise!

THE greater Knysna area has a lot to offer to paradise seekers. Whether your desire is to swim with the dolphins in the Brenton-on-sea beach, or take a stroll/ beach walk towards Buffalo Bay for breakfast, Knysna is the place to be this summer. Situated about 70km from George airport, the great Oyster City is well known for its Sea Food and Oyster festival, Knysna Heads and the Magical Knysna lagoon not to mention the Goukamma Nature Reserve.

Franschhoek – The Best Holiday Destination in South Africa

You’re traveling to South Africa for adventure or tranquility, alone or with family? Cape Winelands is the place to be. Franschhoek’s adventures, great wines and cuisine is the center of it all. You’ll find all the activities you can think of, all the night life fun, art galleries, museums, wine farms and shopping. Surrounded by mountains and wine lands Franschhoek is your ultimate destination.

Why We Should Travel the World and Never Settle

Amongst the well wishers this week, I suffered quite a few questions about when I’d be settling down and why I keep “running away”. I choose to move to Canada because it’s not Australia where I’ve been before but the reason I’m going anywhere at all should resonate with everyone else that does so and I’m not moving away because the Government failed me as an Irish citizen or because there are absolutely no jobs in the Country, let’s bloody face it – hardly anyone really moves for these reasons! True, Ireland hasn’t been…

Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle

U.S. State of Washington has a seat of King County which is none other than Seattle. Seattle is one among the most populated cities of Washington as well as the Pacific Northwest region of North America

Traveling Down the Historic San Juan River in Nicaragua: Part Two, Exploring El Castillo

The San Juan River in Nicaragua is the ideal location for and adventure expedition! The Indio Maiz biosphere reserve is located in the lower part of the San Juan River. El Castillo, a town built around a colonial fortress that saw lots of activity in the mid eighteen hundreds is the perfect spot to start your adventure!

Top Reasons and Tips for Travelling Via Campervans

For a number of decades now, people are looking for ways to explore new locations in new and innovative ways. Conventional travels in trains and planes will always remain in demand; no one is disputing that. But people today, especially the youth are looking for something different. Road trips have always been portrayed as something extremely enjoyable in movies, and that is what the youth connects with these days.

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