Snorkel With Turtles

Exploring Koh Chang’s Klong Plu Waterfall

This article gives a brief account of one of the major attractions to be enjoyed, during one’s visit to the Thailand island of Koh Chang. The Klong Plu Waterfall, which is located in the Klong Prao region of the island, comes under the spotlight, with some information given on what to expect and when the best time to visit is.

Trekking Tours in India

The Adventure Journey provides the most reliable trekking packages to the Himalayas and surrounding areas. Trekking is one of the most exciting sporting events to be enjoyed in the foothills of the Himalayas; exciting packages coupled with expert guidance from The Adventure Journey team ensures a great adventure expedition.

My First Captain

The adventurous life of a seaman is well told in this article. Life with its great adventures, life full of learnings, full of fun, with its share of all the ingredients of mysteries.

Top Holiday Activities in Koh Chang – Snorkelling

This article explores snorkelling as one of the top activities to get into while visiting on the Thai island of Koh Chang. Some ideal locations are suggested together with service providers that integrate this activity as part of a combination deal to save you some money.

The Ultimate Elephant Back Ride – Things to Do in Koh Chang

This article takes a look at the elephant back ride as one of the many things to do on the Thai Island of Koh Chang. Some key outstanding features of a specific elephant camp are explored, with the ideal accommodation area to access this offering touched on as well.

Experiencing Educational Travel

There are many schools that take their students on educational trips abroad, either to learn the language or as part of a cultural or historical trip. More and more students are enjoying learning a new language and being exposed to a wide range of cultures and practices.

School Trips To Europe Can Be Highly Beneficial For Student Development

Currently, there are more and more educational institutions that are looking at innovative ways of enhancing their students’ knowledge. This has been made possible thanks to the number of different trips that schools organize each and every year.

Epcot International Flower and Garden Fest Adds Food for the First Time

Every spring the Disney World’s Epcot International Flower & Garden Fest blossoms with the best of attractions the season has to offer. Not surprisingly, the event hits the crowd with equal fun and whims this year too. There are many new additions, and the most notable one is the inclusion of food kiosks for the first time in the history of the event.

Choose a Botswana Safari for Big Cats

When planning a Botswana safari, most people have a few things that are important to them, whether it’s staying in a luxury camp, travelling to a certain national park or exploring a specific region. For nearly everyone, however, seeing big cats is an absolute must; who hasn’t dreamed of seeing lions, cheetahs or leopards in their natural habitat, prowling through the grassland or hunting for food?

On the Way to The Scottish Highlands

This article is about an adventure travel to Scottish Highlands. The start point is Edinburgh, and the adventure ends in Inverness. It treats about the possible routes and beautiful Scottish landscapes.

How to Drive on Icy Roads

The following is an article about driving on icy roads. It will provide you with several tips about what the best driving techniques are and what equipment you need when you have to drive on icy roads.

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