Snorkel with turtles, Rays, and more in San Juan, Puerto Rico πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· @Champion Snorkel

A Review of Kung Fu Schools in China – What to Expect in Studying Kung Fu in China

There are more and more kung fu schools being opened in China as martial arts becomes more popular. Some schools are great, some are not. Some are opened by locals, some are opened by westerners. Know what to expect before you go.

A Crazy Day in Rome

Due to poor planning, our trip to Rome went awry. It still makes for an interesting story, though!

The Changing Face of the Great Indian Road Network

Anything and everything about the Indian Subcontinent is superlative when it comes to numbers or sizes. Be its population or be its large geographical size, with India everything is huge. Its large Road Network is no exception and is the second largest in the world. With the recent initiative of the government to upgrade its road network in a big way to expressways, gone are the days when Indian roads are known to be virtual death traps. With vastly improved 4 lanes and 6 lane expressways in place, driving long distances has never been such a pleasant experience on the Indian roads.

The Trans-Mongolian Railway: A Myth-Shattering Journey

The Trans-Siberian railway is probably the most well-known rail journey in the world. It is perhaps also the most misunderstood, beginning with the name, for most passengers end up travelling on the Trans-Mongolian route instead. This article describes such a journey, shattering other of the many myths and misconceptions along the way.

Cape Town To Cairo Trans-Continental Luxury Rail Travel

Africa is a land that is in the most part untouched by the modern world. Vast areas of the continent exist in a way that has remained unchanged for centuries, if not millenia. Today, there are few places on the planet where there are still communities that practice a lifestyle which is the same as what past generations would have followed.

Small Tour Companies Go Places Others Don’t

Travel to the Big Island usually means staying within the Kona/Waikaloa area, but the east side of the island has so much to offer as well! The Hilo side is often referred to as “real Hawaii,” with its lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls and the Kiluaea volcano. It’s beautiful to visit, but needs to be respected and preserved as the resources are finite. There are ways to enjoy it while still respecting what’s there, and some companies are setting out to do just that.

Coorg – Unfolding the Charm of Nature

Coorg is the most interesting place that offers various tourist attractions. Here tourists can catch the best views of beautiful nature like mountains, plantation, forest and landscapes. Lies in Karnataka state, it is equally popular among the tourists, adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Pushpagiri, Brahmagiri and Nagarahole are several famous wildlife destinations here.

Kangaroo Island Tours – Australia’s Best Kept Secret

At the southern most point of South Australia lies a wonderland worth investigating, a true jewel in the crown. Most tourists have not even heard of it and it usually does not rate a mention on their travel Itineraries. A long narrow island with bountiful wildlife, flora and fauna to take your breath away and ocean coastline that is truly breathtaking. A short ferry ride across the backstairs passage accompanied by magnificent dolphins on the bow wave, there is no better way of getting there.

Tiger Safaris to India’s Tadoba-Andari Tiger Reserve

If you’re heading off on a tiger safari to the Tadoba-Andari Tiger Reserve, then anticipate having one of the best wildlife encounters in India. Situated in the Chandrapur district of the state of Maharashtra, the Tadoba-Andari Tiger Reserve is well known for its unique eco system, endowed with a rich bio-diversity. Its 625.40 square kilometres includes the Tadoba National Park, created in 1955, and the Andari Wildlife Sanctuary, which was created in 1986. The Reserve provides a unique habitat for Central India’s diverse wildlife.

3 Reasons Why I Love Italian Trains (or Used To)

Let’s get things straight. I love to travel. I like to think of myself (like many others) as a seasoned traveller. The high level of maintenance shown by Trenitalia And when I do, I prefer travelling by train and I have seen my fair share of them.

Outdoor Activities in India

India is a diverse country that is known for its various aspects all over the world. There are a number of adventure and outdoor sports like mountaineering, jeep safari, tiger safari, paragliding, water rafting, trekking, hot air ballooning and angling for the adventure freaks. There is a large diversity in the landscapes and offers a number of options to its visitors that they can cherish the long lasting sweet memories for their entire lifetime.

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