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Interesting Facts About The Falkland Islands (UK) – The World’s Last Wilderness!

The Falkland islands are known to most foreigners for an event: The 1982 Falklands War. But these islands have a lot of positive things. Curiously, the Falklands islands are one of UK’s best-kept secrets: A scenic wilderness rich in fish and abundant marine mammals… nesting sea birds… Anglophone traditions, rich history… fresh seafood, traditional gardens, historic sites, recreation areas… Southern Atlantic whale sanctuary and an extraordinary blue sky, of course. This land was the home to Warrah, a unique animal which lived only in this archipelago until the mid-1800s. On the other hand, by 2007, the Falklands were considered as one of the “most interesting islands on Earth” by a panel of 522 well-traveled experts in a variety of fields, from eco-tourism, travel services and photography to geography, archaeology and historic preservation-, ahead of most tropical places such as Aruba, Cozumel (Mexico), Puerto Rico, Bali (Indonesia), and the Canary Islands (Spain).

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit London, Ontario

If you are looking for a great travel destination in Ontario, look no further than London. Here you will experience delicious cuisine, fun nightlife events, great shopping, annual festivals and much more! No matter what your preference is, London will be sure to satisfy your needs at one of their popular destinations. London is a great city that is run by the growing student population and small businesses, which contribute to it being such a unique and fun hotspot.

Marsa Alam – An Untamed Divers’ Paradise On The Egyptian Red Sea Riviera

Marsa Alam is often overlooked as a destination for diving but it will not be so for much longer. Previously almost exclusively for live – aboard diving, the newly refurbished airport, new five star hotels and recompression chamber have helped to make this resort become increasingly accessible for divers to enjoy from all over the world.

Taba And Taba Heights Egypt – Snorkelling On A One Day Cruise To Pharaoh’s Island

Snorkelling is a favorite activity in Taba on the South Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. Not only is there an abundance of corals and marine life but this tranquil and uncrowded area of Egypt helps in making the experience outstanding. Pharaoh’s Island is in the Bay of Aqaba and easily accessible on a one day cruise from all hotels.

Famous Tourist Places and Adventure Sports in Sikkim

The utter joy and amazement in store for those joining the Sikkim Trekking Tours to visit the famous tourist places of Sikkim are deep and unfathomable. It is not just the sight of the floral spectacle alone, but the mouth watering delicacies are awaiting anyone making their way to the exciting tourist areas.

Vietnam Holidays and Adventure

Vietnam Holidays have so much to offer, especially if you like adventure and sport. If you are one for adventure then go hiking in the mountains, ride in style on an elephant, go biking, explore the national parks, go kayaking and be a part of something fun.

Visiting the Magnificent Osa Peninsula On Your Costa Rica Vacation

Framed by beautiful Drake Bay, a fisherman’s dream, to the north, the Pacific on the east, and the magnificent Golfo Dulce (“Sweet Gulf”)—one of only four tropical fjords on earth—to its west, the Osa Peninsula is home to half of all the plant and animal species of Costa Rica. It’s one of the last remaining wildernesses in Latin America, famed for its nature and great beaches. It’s a must see for nature lovers and backpackers.

Gauteng’s Big Five

You’ve probably heard of Africa’s Big Five, but what about Gauteng’s Big Five? Gauteng travel offers a diverse blend of attractions and experiences, from wildlife to culture and even history. Just like the lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo and leopard (also known as the Big Five) have come to represent Africa and its rich wildlife, Gauteng’s Big Five represent everything that is amazing about the province of Gauteng.

Summer Holiday Packages: Exams Over, Time to Relax and Revitalize

Summer season is not only loved for its warmth and sunshine, but it is the time that marks end of an academic year for students who get to escape labor for two months in India. Thereby it also avails parents to bond with their infants and take them out for a holiday. In search of such summer holiday packages you often have to choose between your favorite destination or the money in your pocket, but the scenario is changing swiftly.

Oman – A Snap Shot

The term ‘jewel in the crown’ has been well used but never more is it so apt in describing the Kingdom of Oman, the jewel in the crown comprising of the Arab states. Oman simply is the ‘essence of Arabia’.

Benefitting From Team Building Venues

With team building being so popular over the last few years, specialised events venues are also becoming increasingly popular amongst business owners and professionals. They should be affordable, enjoyable and easy to get to; especially if you have a large number of guests attending.

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