Snorkel Venture’s Best of 2022

African Safari Family Holidays

As a keen photographer it is no surprise that I would love to visit the African plains. What is funny though is that my children are probably just as keen. While most children like seeing lions and elephants and other African animals on the television, my children have been greatly influenced by my passion. I feel I have changed their outlook on all things Africa and wildlife while not comprehending the profound affect my hobby has had.

Take A Break – Give Your Family An Adventure Holiday

Adventure holidays with the family are fun. It reminds you of your younger days and gives your children a chance to be adventurous. Change from your normal leisure holidays to adventure holidays; you will wait for the next vacation!

Enjoy Tiger Safari in the Most Popular Tiger Reserves of India

Known as the most majestic and powerful mammal on earth – The Tiger is a symbol of rampant and royalty and is the most splendid of all cats. Mainly found in the tiger reserves and the wildlife sanctuaries, the brilliant ways to chase tigers are through jeep safari and tiger safari India. A tiger can be seen by booking an India wildlife tour.

Periyar Wildlife Tour

Periyar the most sought after destination of Kerala famous across the globe for its wildlife sanctuary. Periyar National Park is ranked among the best known wildlife reserves in India famous for its exotic collections of flora, fauna and avifauna.

Ferrying a MI-17 to Car Nicobar

Nearly two decades back, we received instructions to ferry a MI-17 helicopter to Car Nicobar island in the Andaman. The helicopter of Russian design could not fly non-stop to  Car Nicobar, as such the Indian Government arranged for us to take off from India and have a stop over for a day at Rangoon. There we were supposed to refuel and continue onwards to Car Nicobar island where we had an Indian Air Force base.

Don’t Forget Your Personal Protection Products When Getting Ready For A Trip Part 2

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of being prepared for your trip such as auto preparation and trip preparation let’s move on to the safety issues. This article is designed to give you a check list on how to start and finish a trip successfully. Be sure you don’t overlook any of the checklist. What you fail to do on the list might be the thing you wished you had done.

Traveling The World

What is better in life than being able to see the world? Not many can answer that question because most people are not able to travel the world. For those who can, what an adventure!

Fly-In Safari Namibia, Africa: Combine Luxury With Exclusive Property

In such a large country and traveling on limited time, a fly-in safari Namibia makes it possible for you to experience all the highlighted points of interest without making any sacrifices along the way. I mean let’s be honest. The average traveler to Africa has less than two weeks.

Fly City

In general, the plains of central India are not a place that I think of settling and spending the rest of my life in. In fact, I’ve been through India several times and I’m hard pressed to comment on places like Andhra Pradesh. The lasting impression, like Kansas, is pretty flat. But just maybe it’s one of those places that, though not a fun place to visit, might after all be a nice place to live.

Upside Down Islands

There is a very large vein of limestone that runs through central China and ends in Thailand in the Andaman Sea (which is where the tsunami some year back really hit hard incidentally). What is interesting about this vein is that all along it are fantastic formations. Particularly famous in China are the mountain ink paintings that show these impossibly delicate mountains shrouded in mist. They always look like they’re about to fall over, and one day, they do.

Destructive Tourism

I never thought I would do something very destructive to nature personally and deliberately, but I did. My wife and I were newlyweds vacationing in Thailand in the south along the Andaman Sea. We found a fantastic bungalow to stay at and not only was the scenery amazing, there was hardly anyone else around and we would often have the beach to ourselves.

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