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Three Things You Can’t Pass Up While Visiting Amsterdam

The Netherlands have sometimes said to be the gateway to Europe. It is often the starting point of a “backpackers” (one who travels around Europe with nothing more that a filled backpack) journey around Europe. If you are planning a trip to (or through) Amsterdam, there are few things that you should try before you decide to go.

10 Travelling Tips to Ireland

Ireland is the most beautiful place to visit if you are looking to escape your busy life or just to rekindle your romance. When you travel to Ireland, the best place to stay is in a bed and breakfast in the Dingle peninsula which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Egyptian Christmas Festival

Christmas is celebrated all over the world but the day has special celebrations at Egypt. The country of Egypt is the place where the holy family of Jesus spent their time.

Travel Nurse Careers Lead To Paradise

Are you in a proverbial “rut”? Have you worked at the same hospital for ten or more years? Do you like the staff you work with and the actual work, but not the unit politics? Are the doctors, with whom you work essentially a good bunch of people or is there a definite feeling that they would not support you if there was ever a law suit against them-also implicating the nurses? Learn about a Travel Nurse adventure that leads you to the beautiful island of Maui.

Scuba Diving Travel – What You Should Pack

Packing has always been a challenge when planning scuba diving travel adventures. Here’s a handy packing checklist from a globetrotting Scuba Professional. Scuba vacations should be nothing but fun so make sure you have what you need to avoid any unpleasant buddy check surprises. Advice from divers for divers!

Nepal Is Inviting Adventure Lovers – Walk In the Mountains

Nepal is famous in the world as mountain land. It holds eight of fourteen highest peaks of mountains in the world. It has many trekking trails and offers opportunities for various mountain adventures. It invites all adventure lovers to enjoy exhilarating experience of trekking and beauty of the nature.

Explore the New World and Find More About Tours and Attractions in Melbourne, Australia

“Melbourne” is a famous city of Australia with population of about 3.7 million. This metropolitan is the capital of state “Victoria”.

New Brunswick – Fun and Recreation

New Brunswick, one of the four Atlantic Provinces, is known for its beautiful beaches. Of course, New Brunswick has wonders of all types – including the Bay of Fundy’s high tides. Tourists can walk on the ocean floor in this amazing province.

East Africa Holiday Destinations

There are many great places in the world which have the magical ‘IT’ factor to make them a fantastic holiday destination. One of these places is East Africa, where countries like Kenya and Tanzania make the perfect holiday locations! Both countries share borders with the largest Lake in Africa, Lake Victoria.

Tropical Adventures Await Visitors To The Atherton Tablelands Australia

Located in northern Queensland, the fertile plateau called the Atherton Tablelands makes up a portion of the Great Dividing Range. This plain is volcanic in nature and is considered to be among the richest agricultural zones in Australia. The stunning landscape is a unique mixture of lakes, rainforests and mountains that begs to be explored.

Get Ready for an Adventure Travel Holiday on Spain’s Costa Brava

Spain’s ruggedly beautiful Costa Brava, the sunny “Wild Coast” stretches for 160 km along Catalonia’s northeastern shores from Port Bou on the Franco-Spanish border to Tossa del Mar just north of Barcelona. Lined with green hillsides, craggy, wild cliffs, sandy inlets and caves, this is an adventure travelers paradise, where all manner of water sports, cycling and hiking are found.

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