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Busted Abroad – The Holiday From Hell, Travel Smart

What to look out for when traveling abroad. Laws that we the average traveller would not generally consider an offence. Photographing certain objects and or religious people is often viewed as disrespectful and even prohibited in some countries. Popular travel books commonly highlight both general and specific situations that can occur whilst holidaying, along with a few helpful hints on how to avoid them. It is recommended to read up on the basics warnings of each country before gaining entry. If you have any concern about a country that you want to visit first check with the foreign affairs department of your home country, they keep up to date with information about travel hot spots throughout the world. Chances are you will not have any problems at all but it is good to have a backup plan just in case things start to go pear shape. Registering with the representing consulate is a smart move at the first sign of trouble. Basic common sense should be all you need to keep out of trouble and ensure you have a fantastic holiday.

Before You Depart – Preparation Is Everything, Travel Smart

The foundation of a fabulous holiday is in the preparation, tourists can quickly find themselves in serious trouble with authorities while holidaying in a foreign country if unprepared. Always remember that you are the one who is the visitor, It is very much a case of being – “There Country and There Rules” Travellers need to take religion, customs, and local laws seriously. Always treat the locals and authorities with respect. It is a lot like being in someone else’s home, try to display a balanced amount of respect without being patronising. Travel Insurance is essential and a rough backup plan is always wise as the travel industry is plagued with strikes and cancellations at the best of times. Well known established tour operators are a fantastic idea, not only are they value for money but they offer a significant degree of safety and security, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your holiday without any of the hassles. They like feedback and are often happy to address any gripes you have on your return.

Grand Canyon: Bright Angel Trail Versus South Kaibab Trail

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon offers two of the world’s finest hiking trails – The Bright Angel Trail and the South Kaibab Trail. Both trails offer the hiker amazing opportunities along with unique experiences. We explore the differences between the two trails and provide “local” insight for hikers to consider their options when they step off the South Rim.

Within a Days Drive of Las Vegas

The many National Parks and recreation areas within a day’s drive of Las Vegas can offer anyone a spectacular adventure vacation. Enjoy the Grand Canyon, Zion National Parks, and Death Valley National Park Grand Canyon National Park is 275 miles to the South Rim across Hoover Dam. To the North Rim it is nearly the same distance by way of Utah. Make a long weekend of it and enjoy the complete loop. Zion National Park can be reached in about three hours from Las Vegas. There are many destination points when visiting Death Valley National Park, Death Valley Junction can be reached in a less then two hours, and Scotty’s Castle is less then four. A straight through drive to Furnace Creek can be had in about two and a half hours.

14 Little Known Mosquito and Sandfly Remedies

In our quest for relief from the travellers blight of mosquito and sandfly bites we have made a few discoveries. We have discovered 14 little known sandfly and mozzie bite remedies. All of these work but the degree of success varies. They either relieve the itching or repel midges, sandflies or mozzies.

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp in Nepal is Famous for it Natural Beauty and peak hills. Who ever comes here didn’t forget to explore his/her exceptional experience with the people around them. Please hire a professional guide or any travel agent for a unbelievable experience. There is a large community of Sherpa’s in Nepal. The people of Nepal are very friendly in nature and have good command over English.

Where to Go for Some of the Beast Bear Viewing in the World

The great state of Alaska has a lot to offer to the outdoor traveler or wildlife enthusiasts and bear viewing is one of the most popular tours in the state for Good reason. On most tours the flight out to the bear viewing areas alone is worth the price. The flight will take you past amazing scenery, in many cases over active volcanoes and glaciated mountains while en route to the bear viewing area.

Humbled and Healthy in Dominica

Four days and nights in a beautiful island paradise in the heart of the Dominica rainforest. The most pristine island in the Caribbean.

Adventure Outing and Trekking Destinations in Karnataka

When it comes to adventure destinations, Karnataka holds the top spot in India. This is because of the fact that the state is one of the most prolific south Indian states that attracts a lot of tourists every year, just on the merit of its natural beauty.

Take a Mesmerizing and Rocking Tour to Goa and South India

Most of the tour operators usually include a trip to Goa in most of the South India Holiday Packages. Boundaries of Goa State are defined in the North Terekhol River which separates it from Maharashtra, in the East and South by Karnataka State and West by Arabian Sea.

No More Bad Days

TWO MONTHS INTO HER GRUELING 2007 Arctic expedition, well past the point a normal person would have collapsed in tears, Rosie Stancer was still gung ho. The British adventurer, now 49, was hauling sleds that bore almost twice her body weight in an attempt to become the first woman to travel solo to the North Pole.

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