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South India Tour Packages: Feel the Magic

India has a somewhat bad image, mostly due to media coverage which put her in a bad light. But there is so much more to India than that, as people usually find only after experiencing India’s treasures themselves. This article aims to shortly present some of these riches and recreate the magical feeling experienced in this special part of the world.

Travel in Indonesia

Travel to Indonesia, is like taking a step back in time. Imagine yourself in a pristine wonder that hearkens back to the days of Buddha.

Disney World Avatar Land Promises an Experience Unlike Any Other

When WDW (Walt Disney World) first revealed its plans of creating the much anticipated Avatar inspired Land in the Animal Kingdom Park, fans couldn’t stop raving about the prospects of enjoying another epic level initiative by the Florida based theme-park resort. If completed the mega attraction is expected to change the level of Disney experience forever. Today, long after the initial outburst it’s time again to revisit the Pandora project with renewed vigor.

New Solo Travel Holiday Ideas, Christmas 2013 on an Amazon River Cruise

Are you already dreading being “home alone for the holidays” but are stuck trying to come up with a plan? Not looking forward to cold weather and bleak wintry days? The perfect solution may await you south of the Equator. You can pass the holidays leisurely floating through the Brazilian Amazon on a small river cruise. A cast of howler monkeys, pink dolphins and magnificent butterflies await your arrival. Take a look now at this great destination for ecotourism and treat yourself to the adventure of a lifetime!

Nunavut – The Frozen North

The very recently discovered province located towards the north of Canada is Nunavut where the population of polar bears is the largest. Since this region has been discovered, people have been under a misconception that Nunavut faces extreme winter season for most part of the year which is actually not true. July and August is the most apt for vacationing as tourists have the privilege of indulging in a variety of outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, hiking, hunting including an opportunity to watch different kinds of whales found in the white waters of this region.

Touring in Germany’s Most Stunning City – Hamburg

Hamburg does not only bear a unique name, it also carries the pride of being the second largest city in Germany, ranked ninth in terms of size in the who European Union. It is locally known as the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, situated in between two artificial lakes just near the Elbe River.

A Wonderful Stopover at Istanbul

Situated between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is one of the great destinations in the world which managed to preserve the prestige and honor of its old city throughout time. It is also the largest city in Turkey, which serves as the center for economic and cultural development.

Meet the Pioneers: A Tour of Life on Kilauea’s Barely Cooled Lava

Explore the amazing plants that colonize the extreme environment of recent lava flows on Hawai’i’s Kilauea Volcano. See the ancient process of re vegetation that has occurred for millions of years throughout the Hawaiian Island chain.

Palawan Underground River: Caving on a Boat

The Palawan Underground River, most popularly known as the Puerto Princesa Underground River is a popular tourist spot in the Philippines. The best way to enjoy the site is to ride a boat and cruise along the length of the river.

You Could Learn to Dive on Your Next Holiday

When it comes to holidays, I’ve always felt that there is an opportunity to learn. What I mean by this is that travel truly does have that ability to be enlightening. My own experiences suggest that there is an enormous amount to be gained.

A One-Of-A-Kind Excursion to Rarotonga

Rarotonga is a distinguished tourist destination in Cook Islands and the seat of the parliament buildings and international airport. Among 15 other islands surrounding the South Pacific Ocean, it is has the most number of inhabitants specifically located between New Zealand and Hawaii.

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