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It’s Luxury On A Luxury Safari

Going on safari is likely to be a once in a life time experience for you and your family. The planning and the anticipation can be as exciting as the safari itself but this is a holiday that you really do not want to do on the cheap. To get the best out of your safari it is always best to spend as much as you can on the various components of it.

Expertise, the Key to Successful School Sports Tours

The prospect of taking a group of young people away on school sports tours, academic tours or just plain sightseeing may fill you with more than a little apprehension. However, as long as a few ground rules are followed and your organisational skills are top notch, they can be a wonderful and educational experience for all involved.

Cultural Background for Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires: Argentine History Part IV of IV

First in a four part series on the fascinating history and culture of Argentina. Essential reading for students planning to attend Spanish immersion school in Buenos Aires.

Things to Do at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States, is considered to be one of the largest in the world. It is nearly 446 kilometers long, and in some places it is about 6,000 feet deep. The Colorado River runs through the Grand Canyon. Today, it is one the top destinations in the US offering several activities to keep visitors busy and entertained.

Grand Canyon: The Most Common Mistakes Made by Hikers

The Grand Canyon receives over 5 million visitors a year, less than 1% venture further than 1.5 miles below the Rim. After years of observation the author will point out the most common mistakes with the hope of making your Grand Canyon hiking experience more enjoyable.

Rio Carnival: The Mother of All Parties

Rio Carnival has grown into such a global phenomenon that the city of Rio itself has now become synonymous with partying. So what is the real deal?

5 Myths About the Inca Trail Uncovered

Trekking the Inca Trail is on the bucket list for many adventure travellers and quite rightly so, as it is a breath-taking trek following ancient Incan footpaths to the magical Machu Picchu ruins. There are many myths and untruths written about the trek, this article seeks to dispel these and provide some realistic advice for those planning their Inca Trail Holiday.

What Is a Gap Year and What Can I Do on Mine?

‘Gap years’ have never been so popular, but if you’ve had your head stuck in the sand you might be wondering what on earth all the fuss is about! Put simply, a ‘gap year’ is a period between school and college or university, when students take time out from education to work, travel or even volunteer abroad. For European students the gap year has long been recognised as a rite of passage for those wanting to find out more about themselves and the world around them. While other parts of the world have been slower to adopt the idea, its popularity is spreading and gap years are no longer limited to young people. So called ‘Gap years for grown ups’ are becoming increasingly popular for people in their 20s, 30s and 40s who want to take a break from their career, so there’s never been a better time to think about taking some time out!

The Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone

I was told that this entire idea is risky, trash and a fool’s dream. Additionally, I could not get down the train and get myself a snack or enough water. Neither I could take care of my luggage alone, nor sleep well as there was always the risk of bandits traveling by your side, unaware. Above all, I am a woman and without companion traveling was the stupidest thing I could think of.

Kerala Adventure Tour – A Journey of Fun and Thrill

The varied topography combined with the rich landscapes makes Kerala a perfect destination which offers you an opportunity to enjoy adventure at its best. The hill town of Munnar stands out among the several adventures spots in the state for its spectacular valleys, mountains and vast tea plantations. From biking, trekking and paddling to a houseboat cruise Kerala has a lot to offer.

The Best Reasons to Visit Kenya, Africa

Kenya is a land of many things. This country is very cosmopolitan and has something for almost everyone. From some of the most modern and swanky shopping arenas in the world to the best wildlife reserves- Kenya has it all. It also has a rich cultural and historical background. Given the diversity of this country, it is easy to miss out on the top natural attractions. However, this article will ensure that you do not.

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