Sharks and Rays!

An African Safari – A Wild Adventure for All the Family

An African safari holiday will be an experience you and your family will never forget. Children of all ages will be amazed by the wilderness of the African safari park, the stunning landscape, and of course the extraordinary safari animals. Part of your enjoyment will undoubtedly come from the surprise and joy on the faces of your child or children as they get their first glimpse of a family of elephants squirting water at a drinking hole.

Gambell, Alaska: A Birding Mecca on the Siberian Express

Gambell, Alaska is a Siberian Yupik community that lies about 40 miles off of Siberia in the Bering Sea. It is strategically located for bird watching enthusiasts to take advantage of the “Siberian Express”: the migration flyway for birds returning from southern Asia and the South Pacific to their breeding grounds in the far northern tundra.

What to Give for Your Best Friend: An Amsterdam Stag Weekend or A Riga Stag Weekend

Your best friend is about to get married and you are thinking about giving an unforgettable gift to him. If you are thinking about organizing a stag weekend in Europe for him, then that is a splendid idea. After the date of the wedding ceremony is finally set, your best friend has only little time left to exercise his freedom as a single man and a stag weekend in one of the best places in Europe is perfect for him.

Historic Luxury Homes In Greenwich CT: Ward’s Castle

It was built by William Ward, a prominent mechanical engineer and inventor with his friend Robert Mook in the 1870’s as the first reinforced concrete structure in the United States. He wanted to demonstrate reinforced concrete as a construction technique that would produce a truly fireproof structure.

National Parks Are Memory Makers

Dreaming of the perfect vacation?Why not visit our national parks. It could be the vacation of a lifetime.

Top 6 Canada Dog Sledding Destinations

Find out the best places to go dog sledding in Canada. Learn about what to expect from Arctic north expeditions, and adventures in the west and Ontario too.

Holidays, Recharging, Relaxation and the Self

Holidays are meant for celebration, leisure or relaxation. They come as religious celebrations or commemoration of important events such as Christmas for the birth of Jesus or Bar Mitzvah for coming of age in Judaism. Public holidays such the Fourth of July celebrations in the United States or the Australia Day and Labour Day in Australia are also observed. Employees who are required to work during these days are compensated a “penalty pay” of 1.5 to 2 times their regular pay.

Conserving The Mountain Gorilla

The Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei), is the world’s most endangered ape. These gentle giants are found in small portions on gazetted green volcanic slopes in Southwestern Uganda, Northwestern Rwanda and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Escorted Europe Tours – An Ideal Way to Discover Europe

A perfect way to discover and experience Europe is to avail escorted tour package to Europe. Escorted Europe tour packages are created uniquely for a particular group. Basically, they plan out your trip in a well structured manner designed especially to meet your needs and desires. Whether it is all about discounted meals or hotel accommodation or dinner reservations, everything will be planned for you. Simply enjoy Europe hastily as your each and every need has been thought of and taken care of. There are many advantages of escorted tour to Europe, which you can avail at much lesser cost.

The Kilimanjaro Climb: Beyond the Peak

We reached the summit at 7am. I’d done it. I’d completed the challenge of a life time – the Kilimanjaro climb. For four days we had climbed the 5,985 metre high Kilimanjaro battling altitude sickness and tired limbs but it was worth it. The view from the summit, Uhuru Peak, was breathtaking, below me from the roof of Africa, views of the Savannah, the Tanzanian rainforest and Kili’s glaciers.

Nile Cruising – A Must for Adventure Travellers

With so many amazing global destinations now accessible to those with a passion for adventure travel, it can be difficult to find two enthusiastic cultural tourists who have the same holiday preferences. However, a River Nile cruise must surely feature highly on plenty of people’s bucket lists, regardless of how well travelled they are.

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